Sunglasses Weather

Wow, this weekend is really ridiculously tropical. Way too hot and soggy and I spent all yesterday at Thorpe Park absolutely baking under the sun as I'd made the mistake of wearing multiple layers! Luckily you could cool down by standing next to the water rides and getting a little bit of spray. Today is just as hot and despite this I've chosen to wear all navy, to tie in with my new dress.

dress: gift // jeggings: new look // cardi: new look
shoes: draven // sunglasses: c/o smartbuyglasses


  1. I love that dress! Does it have any tags to hint where it might have come from?
    It's a cute outfit and I think it would be even better without the jeans hiding your legs - let them show! :)

    1. I think the dress is from Sainsburys, but there isn't a tag in there! I should really show off my legs more but I'm not very confident with it at the moment :) xx


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