A Minecraftian Gift

The lovely Bethany sent me some brilliant items from her shop, the Eclectic Eel, and I received them in the post yesterday! It's so exciting getting post, especially one from other countries! And I genuinely can recommend this little company to anyone, everything I received was perfectly packaged and a really nice surprise on a wet wednesday. I tore the parcel open as soon as I could get my hands on it and this is what was inside;

Minecraft Dog! Too cute, right? I can't believe the likeness to the actual blocky canine in the game. This guy is going on my shelf pride of place with the ATATs. And how sweet are these little pins and clips?! I'm particularly partial to the little pokeballs, they make me feel like a pokemaster in training.


  1. Pikachuuuuuu! Can't believe you have Pokemon hair clips, how cool!

  2. I'm glad you like everything :D


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