Eye for the Sales

I've never owned anything designer. In my mind 'designer' always has an automatic link with 'incredibly expensive'. However, upon browsing the sale at Cruise Fashion I found prices more akin to Topshop than maxing-out-a-credit-card. It never really occurred to me that even though items start out expensive, the price has a tendency to drop far more than high-street items. So here are my favourite bits, all of them under £100 (well I said TOPSHOP prices, not New Look ones!); the bag I particularly like - Marc Jacobs for only £68, practically the price of a Paul's Boutique bag!

((All items are from Cruise))


  1. The bag is cute indeed. I like the polka dot top, but then I'm never quite sure about 'designer'. Is it really going to be ten times better than high street, and therefore justify the initial cost. I know what I'm like with clothes, I get bored quickly and I don't think a pricey price tag would stop that happening.

    1. I agree with that! The bag is the only piece I'd *actually* consider buying, because it's the same price as the kind of bags I normally buy xx


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