Just a quick human-interest type post (I don't do many of these, don't worry) but check out the result of the rain today outside my window, I live in Somerset so I'm used to being near floods but not a mini one the other side of my garden wall! You see that massive river on the other side of the road? That's normally a path, not a wading pond. Fingers crossed it gets better tomorrow, which is my first day of Uni.


  1. Wow! I saw loads of pictures online today of the floods in Somerset. Eek. I hope you can get to uni OK tomorrow and you don't get any more rain. If it's any consolation, my roof is leaking and I have buckets and bowls everywhere trying to catch it all and there's heavy rain forecast tomorrow :( x

  2. Had a horrendous night here last night with gale force winds and rain, was pretty scary at times and a lot of trees down etc today. Has died down a little this morning, although the rain is worse. I'm unusually rather fond of a little adverse weather myself, although I hate the devastation it causes. Hope you get to Uni safely.

  3. Oh crikey this looks awful! I hope it cleared up for you x


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