Haul: Paperchase Pretties

So, can anyone take a guess on how hard it is to find a non-neoprene netbook case? No? Well, it's damn near impossible. For those of you who don't know, I have an allergy to neoprene that makes it difficult for me to handle. After a lot of searching I happened upon this sleeve on Paperchase, which was the best I would get to perfect despite being a teensy bit big, and decided while I was at it I should just grab a few other bits and pieces to make up the free postage. So, here's what I nabbed for myself (minus one folder I forgot to photograph);


  1. Oh those little boxes are so cute! I am a sucker for tupperware haha.

    1. Me too! And plates. I love fancy dinnerware! xx

  2. One thing I miss about uni is new term stationery! Don't have an excuse to buy files anymore x

  3. My sister is OBSESSED with Paperchase, they do have really beautiful things though. She usually buys entire collections, it's ridiculous!

  4. Those snack boxes are adorable! I totally need some.


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