Lilac and White

I've always been one for technology. As bad as it is to admit (especially with those at-one-with-nature bloggers out there) I'm a huge fan of gadgets and I love having electronic stuff. On realising it may not be the absolute best idea to lug my giant laptop miles each day to University and back, I decided to invest in a little netbook to work on when I'm on-campus. And much to my surprise, it arrived the very next day!

I purchased a Packard Bell Dot-S Netbook is Purple/White from Very. I didn't in any way get sponsored to buy this or given it, I simply decided it was the best price. Of course, ten minutes after buying the thing I couldn't resist scouring the net for reviews on the Very service and found a huge amount more bad than good! I read all kinds of horror stories about items not turning up, nightmare couriers and unhelpful customer service and got myself in a bit of a worry imagining what could have happened to the £200 I'd sent off into the ether of the internet.

My experience, in the end, was so much better than anything I'd read; I got text updates each step of the way and in the total from purchase to my netbook booting up in my hands the process took a mere 26 hours, which is pretty good timing if you ask me. I would recommend the netbook to anyone too, it's a nippy little thing for just surfing and using skydrive I can easily sync between big laptop and mini. 


  1. I'm considering investing in a laptop or notebook or something, as I tend to just use the house computer during the day and allow my parents to use it at night. I'm finding it a struggle to get everything done in the daytime though. Trouble is any spare money I have goes on shoes...that's my problem! Lol

  2. sorry, I only had eyes for your companion cube ^^


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