Present Giving Season

Can you believe the Christmas 'season' is upon us already? The shops are already stocked up with little gift sets and presents, not to mention advent calenders and chocolates - I don't want to know what's in them if they can last the next 3 months plus a bit longer, ugh. In my work there's been loads of people buying up items to squirrel away for gift-giving as well, and it's got me thinking that perhaps I should look into it before everything gets too expensive. 

One item I know always goes down well with the more girly on my list (especially as I know a few who are moving around early winter) is candles. I find buying them from the high street a bit too impersonal so when I stumbled upon Best Kept Secrets I was happy; they remind me of the Lush version of candles and I bet they smell just a good, too! Here's some I particularly liked the look of, packaged in one lovely box;

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  1. Ooh, they look really good, especially the Xmas 7 gift set. They're a really good price, too. x x


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