Sales Scope: New Look

Wait, I thought sale time was over? It looks like it's rolled around again already, and I spotted so many cute things on the New Look website I wanted to share with you my favourite bits. I genuinely cannot resist a bargain, particularly when it's something you've been wanting for a while but shied away from at full price. Getting that item for half price? Best. Feeling. Ever. Well, not quite but it does feel pretty awesome.

apricot polka dot dress was £26 now £24 / tartan high tops was £12.99 now £6
blue geo blazer was £27.99 now £14 / polka dot trousers was £22.99 now £8


  1. I don't even wear trousers and yet soemthing makes me want those polka dot ones so so much! :/

    1. worth a try for £8, hey? ;) they would look lovely on you x


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