Weekly Nails #2

I wouldn't really call this 'nail art' as all I did was layer one polish over another, but I really like this combination. This is the only Essie polish I know and though the application is smooth and the colour is beautiful I find it chips really badly. Maybe not with the special brand top-coat, but £10 is a little too much for me on top of an £8 nail varnish. So at the first signs of wear-and-tear (within just a few hours!) I stuck some crackle stuff over the top and voila!  Joker nails.

nail polishes: essie mojito madness and 17 nail xtras purple crackle


  1. I always hear mixed views on Essie. Some say it's the best thing ever and never chips, whilst others find it a huge letdown D: I find the price a bit too high for my liking (if I'm going to buy expensive nail polish I always have my eye on Illamasqua ones ;D) so I doubt I'll buy any unless they're in a blog sale. Anyway I love the colour combination! Reminds me of the awesome Joker converse I see in Schuh ♥

  2. Ooh purple and green are cute together : )


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