A Gothic Halloween at Topshop

It's halloween tomorrow and though I'm not actually doing anything for the holiday, I'm loving the 'halloween' type gothic collections at Topshop at the moment. If you're into a dark look outside of halloween weekend these bits could work all year round - or all together if you're really dramatic! I particularly love the nail wraps, to add a bit of a halloween-y touch to your everyday clothes;


  1. those shoes are just perfect. Think I would just look at them and not wear them x

    1. I know right! Works of art more than functional footwear, I'm pretty sure I would fall straight out of them! ;) xx

  2. The lip stick is great, love that color. I don´t know what it is, but I had no contact with halloween. Maybe for me its drag over.

    Greetings, P

  3. The shoes look horribly tall, but I LOVE that lipstick!


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