Autumn for Under £50

Hiya followers! Today I'm coming to you with my entry to the current Most Wanted campaign; Fall Fashion Finder. The goal is to make an Autumnal outfit for under £50 and I really enjoyed it actually, it's fun making cheap and chic outfits. You can enter yourself into a similar Pinterest contest too, if you're interested; enter here and you can win your whole 'look', so pick wisely. I chose to go with this sweet outfit with a deep green dress, a cuddly but fashionable jumper for over the top and this cute Lazy Oaf bag. The socks would look amazing with just a pair of pumps or flatforms too, so stick those on and you have a whole outfit ready to go.

bag / jumper / socks / dress


  1. A pretty dress, and a warm looking sweater. I like it!

  2. Oh that would be a really cute outfit! Love the idea of layering the jumper and dress

    Daisy Dayz
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  3. The colour is great and it looks very cosy. And the bay is funny!


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