Haul: Cabot Circus

I went to Cabot Circus solo last week with the vague idea of looking around and doing a little shopping.. well, quickly that turned into a shopping mission and I turned up at my dad's office looking for a lift laden down with far too many bags! In my defence all my christmas-present shopping is already done and under budget, not to mention it's payday soon. I also tried on an amazingly awful (good or bad I'm not too sure) pair of platform leopard print high-tops but they were about half a size too small, boo. Looking at these photos, I must have been in a little bit of a 'grey' mood when I bought these, don't you think? ;)

H&M bodycon dresses/long vests, £4 (sale) and £7.99

New Look Inspire Acid Wash Skinnies £24.99, Cardigan £17.99 and 'Cosmic' Tank £12.99

Project Social T via Topshop Ribcage Tee £22


  1. LOVE that Topshop t-shirt, might buy that myself actually!

  2. Oh wow! You get things done, huh? lol, I'm a procrastinator, so I probably won't even start gift shopping for the holidays until late November.

  3. I love the outfit on foto no. 2. Yeah, thats great!!!

    Greetiings, P


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