Home Wants: Bedroom

This week in Home Wants I'm taking a closer focus at a specific item; the bed! In a bedroom it can really make or break the theme of a room or even entirely comprise of it if you're into minimalism; I would be, but the clutter keeps seeping in. In scouring the 'net, I found oldrid's bedding to be particularly inspiring for starting a theme with bedding from my favourite Cath Kidston, not to mention pretty, fresh looking furniture at pretty good prices. Here's some of the bigger (pretty!) bits and pieces I particularly liked;

all items from Oldrids and Downtown

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  1. I really wanted a bed that has a built in headboard and footboard, but apparently you run the risk of needing a specially sized mattress that costs a bomb. :(

    I love the look of the dressing table, mostly for the added storage haha.


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