Review: Curvissa Early 20 Turn-Up Jeans

Hello ladies/the odd gentleman(?), I'm back with a new camera to take lots of lovely outfit photos! Today I have a review of the Early 20 Turn-Up Jeans courtesy of Curvissa. I intent to be entirely honest with this review and despite the fact the jeans were gifted to me the service itself I was quite disappointed with. The PR company who asked me to review a couple items intially contacted me June 29th and I immediately sent them back my choice picks, with a promise they would be with me soon. However, after a few months of no items arriving I contacted them again on September 11th and received half of the items today, October 13th. I don't know if this was mis-communication on the part of the PR company/curvissa but if I were a paying customer I would not be happy with a nearly four-month wait. But anyway, onto the jeans themselves;

I love these jeans, they are a great colour and the 'worn' look is a personal favourite of mine. The pockets at the front are also pretty unique and, well, pretty. They fall at a flattering length on me too and look great with flats of converse without being too revealing. One thing I will say though is to size up if not one then two sizes because this particular brand is very small in sizing. I can imagine if I lost a little weight or stretched these they would be worn a lot, as I like my cropped jeans with dresses and long tunics as well as tees. I would wholly recommend them for anyone! You can grab these here for the price of £38.


  1. they do look lovely but 4 months is a tad crazy x

    1. I know! Like I said I don't know if it was a communication problem but if I had paid for these I would not be happy waiting that long xx


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