Sales Scope: Dorothy Perkins

Dotty P's is one of those classic sites that I will always turn to for certain items; jeans, for example, I always buy from them because they have a great and affordable tall range and they are also wonderful for formal dresses that are a little longer and more modest than the likes of New Look or Topshop. Not to mention their amazing sales; recently I picked up a few bits from them with an extra 15% discount off of the already reduced prices. Here's my pick of their current sale;

taupe lace-up collar boots was £60 now £30 / raspberry print collar dress was £32 now £15
khaki slouchy biker jacket was £35 now £20

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  1. Always, really always I think the the british people have the better shops. Not only for the design of the clothes. No, they seem to have the better sale. ;)

    The dress you pick is awesome!


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