Shoe Picnic: Miss L-Fire 'Orient'

I know Miss L-Fire as a brand that's largely favoured by those who are 50s/pinup fashion inclined, particularly in the online community they are lusted after. There's something very unique about the brand down to even the little details and though they are often compared to Irregular Choice in my opinion they are far more wearable for everyday as they are just that tiny bit more subtle.

These heels go by the name 'Orient', retailing at £89.99, and they definitely remind me of Asian fabric in their design; something about the tiny embroidered birds and the placing of the little blossoms just brings that up. The shape of the actual heel is lovely too without being too high, and I love the way the suede extends onto the heel to keep it a little uniform. The t-bar is unique in itself too and looks to be very flattering due to the wideness of the straps.

The rich black suede material of these shoes would make them perfect for cold winter's days when you have something a bit dressy to go to; particularly with a fur-lined coat and seamed stockings! Or failing that they would look equally lovely in a basic 50s-inspired jewel tone frock and black tights with a simple wept-up hairdo. How would you wear these cuties?


  1. Hey now, Rai. You're making me want to spend too much money on shoes! hehe. These are beautiful , and I love the low heel. I would wear them with a red and white polka dot dress.

  2. These one reminds me on the 50ties. I would wear it with a skirt. Or a black trouses. No matter what, they are soo soo sweet!

    Greetings, P


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