Shoe Picnic: Ugg Hamric

When I think of Ugg as a brand, I think of those shapeless boots that have been everywhere on the high street the last few years; the ones you see girls walking on the side of because they don't keep their shape for longer than a couple hours and the sole ends up one side of their foot or the other. I understand they are really comfy, and that the 'proper' boots are meant to be better in terms of structure, but I'm not a fan.

However, looking at these new Hamric boots from Ugg I would in no way associate them with that clumsy footwear; they retain some of their chunkiness but there are stylish little elements such as the swooping rubber toe-cap and the little wood-effect section between the soles and shoe make for a really put-together looking boot that I would never associate with the less-than-elegant look of their previous shoes.

As these shoes are actually leather snow boots they would be perfect for the cold snap that's supposedly coming, and not just up the sides of mountains! with skinnies (and thermals under!) tucked in and a thick cosy coat on top you would be all set for this year's snowfall because there is nothing worse than sitting through a day at work/school/uni with wet socks.


  1. I hate the boots we all think of as stereotypical Uggs but I really LIKE the rest of their collections. I think these are cute!



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