I Like You In Glasses

They very lovely people over at Direct Sight emailed me a little bit ago asking if I'd be interesting in a shiny new pair of glasses from them. Of course, being a dedicated glasses wearer (and one who is blind without them) I jumped at the chance! I picked the A162 frames priced at a reasonable £59 (compared to vision express a steal!) and they even threw in my lenses for free. You do get prescription lenses with the price but mine is so bottle-bottom strong they thinned them for me so I wouldn't look like a mole lady. I received them really promptly and they are residing on my face right now in place of my now heavily scratched superdry jobbies. A success all around, then, I think!

(If I look tired it's because I am! Giant pumps outside pumping up all the floodwater = not much sleep)


  1. Those look really cute! I feel like I can never find glasses that look good on my face. So... I wear my contacts forever.

  2. I love those! I like that semi-cat shape and that they aren't large height wise. I have chubby cheeks and when they're too long, they just look a bit... off.

  3. fab glasses. i'm in need of some new ones. have ordered a pair on line but will have a look at this link as well


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