Mystic Triangles

It's miserable and rainy outside so I decided to try and do my old trick of photos against a blank wall in my room. Unfortunately even with a camera that's fairly wide angle in terms of lens there isn't much room to manouvre so these photos are below my normal standards, not to mention the lack of natural light didn't really help. Bah. Either way I liked the outfit (still in love with this tank from New Look!) so decided to document it. It's one of those trends I like at the moment, geometric shapes and cosmic prints. I'm keen on all the skulls out there at the moment too but something about the crosses that are common theme at the moment I'm not a fan of, it just makes me a little uneasy; not sure why.

top: new look / cardi: select / bodycon tank: h&m / jeans: new look inspire
shoes: tuk c/o spartoo / nails: see post here


  1. I've been really struggling to think of somewhere I can take photos against a plain background. Eek. I love the cosmic print here ;)

  2. Love the tee :) It looks awesome with the creepers too!
    Oh weather, you're such a pain. I always used to take mine inside, but the last few months I've been outside & loving it. Weather don't spoil it now ;)xx


  3. Lovely outfit! Really liking the creepers :- )

    I know what you mean about the crosses, though. I've seen a few pieces of jewelry with them on that I've liked, but I'm not at all religious so wearing them purely for 'fashion' just doesn't really sit right with me. Hey-ho, each to their own!

    Xx. Emma @ ever so

  4. wow you look stunning :)
    thank you for your comment :) just followed you! :)

  5. I must admit I'm the same as you with crosses. I don't mind jewellery as it's generally but t-shirts and things I'm not keen on. I'm personally not religious (lean more towards pagan than anything) and it just makes me feel weird. Plus I think too many people are wearing them to try and be edgy.

  6. loving the nails. cupcakes are my favorite :)

  7. Loving those creepers!


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