Remember, Remember

Bonfire night! My evening was spent going to a fireworks display at the local rugby club (hence the warm clothing) and then settling down with some V for Vendetta, as with every other year. I'm loving my Animal coat for winter, it brightens up a grey winter's day nicely as well as being really warm and comfortable. And I've broken out my winter docs as well for the occasion, these ones are shearling lined so super cosy and the ribbon laces are adorable. There should be some photos of the fireworks soon, too, I always find them such fun to take pictures of. What did you do for bonfire night?

jeans: new look inspire / top: iron fist / jumper: new look / bodycon vest dress: h&m
coat: animal / boots: doc martens / nails: models own peach sherbert

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  1. I love the coat and your matching nails!
    This is the first bonfire night I've actually not been out to enjoy the fireworks. I watched Game of Thrones in bed with my doggies instead


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