Sales Scope: Modcloth

Modcloth is not a site I've ever actually ordered from (I have this massive fear of being stung with customs charges!) but I know it's really popular both sides of the pond and if I were a millionaire I'm sure I'd have a wardrobe packed full of their cute shoes and quirky dresses. Here's my picks from their current sale;

drinks on me dress was $101.99 now $89.99 / business as beautiful bag was $54.99 now $37.99
always chipper heels were $110.99 now $77.99 / dollhouse garden ring was $16.99 now $11.99


  1. Oh how I love the dress! The shoes are beautiful, love the front, just wish they weren't sling backs as I hate how they slip down my heel! xx

  2. modcloth has tooo much cuteness. tempted to order just about
    everything from there. i loooove those shoes ^^<3

  3. I have the customs charge fear too! They have such cool things though xx


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