Shoe Picnic: Iron Fist Night A Light Platform

Iron Fist as a brand is one of my guilty pleasures. I own multiple versions of their tee shirts and a couple pairs of their flats, but I'm sad to say I'll probably never own a pair of their court shoes unless they make them sturdier/shave a couple inches off of them! I'm just not made for height I don't think, give me a pair of sweet flats or low heels any day. But if I were able to wear them, I think these would be the ones I'd have to snap up straight away.

These heels, the 'Night A Light's, caught my eye because they vary a little from the standard Iron Fist formula; there is no peep toe in sight (something I'm not a fan of!) and the shoe itself features a nice cross-foot bar which would prevent you from falling out of the shoe, something I've been known to do on multiple occassions. Nothing like walking off and leaving your shoes behind. The adorable pink bow is a great feature too against the monochrome print.

So, the burning question; How would I wear these shoes? If I was suddenly granted the ability of perfect poise/the ability to walk without turning my ankle in heels this high they would be my go-to piece with pretty dresses. Maybe for more formal occasions than just a shopping trip but equally, if you owned these pretties would you ever let them off your feet? ;) 


  1. I have these shoes, they were my first Spartoo purchase and I love them, the pink bow makes them that little bit less gothy than I tend to assume Iron Fist will be. They are really comfy! :)

    1. was just going to say 'Oh, Char has these, love them' I think these would appeal to people who don't normally look at Iron Fist too x

    2. I also have these, although I haven't had the opportunity to wear them! They really are adorable, I do love Iron Fist, although I agree I tend to go for the girly, skull types as opposed to the more punky zombie ones. xx

  2. I quite like them! Especially the bow :)

  3. I like them too. They are really cute and remind me of a modern version of the mary jane. I have some heels that high but i really can't wear them for longer than an hour :)



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