Spotted and Dotted

These jeans are firm favourites in my wardrobe at the moment; they are just the right level of skinny (i.e. they don't cut off circulation or flap) and they are a good length, too, the combination of which is very rare. Not to mention the pretty pattern. These shoes are firm favourites too, though white dogs and black velvet don't mix so currently I'm mostly admiring them sitting on a shelf in my room. The tunic is something I haven't worn in a long time; in fact I think the last time was at the Bristol blogger's xmas meet last year (or the year before?) either way, a lifetime ago!

tunic: dorothy perkins / cardi: george at asda / jeans: dorothy perkins sale
boots: rocket dog c/o spartoo / nails: barry m silver foil and models own pink crackle


  1. Replies
    1. I agree, those boots are lovely x

  2. Wow! Are your shoes velvety? They look like it.

  3. I love polka dots, so outfits that have those in them simply can't go wrong in my opinion ;)



  4. I NEEEED these shoes in my life! Can't wait for student loan day! :D Dots and Leopard Prints <3


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