Weekly Wishlist #018

Can you believe it's November already? This year has gone ridiculously fast, and to be honest I'm excited for it to be over because next year I'll be finishing my degree (eek!) and pretending to be a real grown-up. In my opinion, the winter months are all about keeping cosy and staying wrapped up inside, hence the onesie and the kindle case! I love these slipper-inspired flats too and the baroque jeans were too sweet to pass up on including, the print is all about the high street at the moment.


  1. That onsie looks a bit silly, but I think I'd totally wear it to bed, and then wake up and just put pants on over it. haha

    1. I'm not one of those people who'd wear it out the house but I think it would be perfect for snuggling under a blanket and reading my kindle ;) x

    2. That's true. My robe is annoying because, even though it's warm, it's too short, and doesn't cover everything like a full-body thing like that one.


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