Geek Chic: Lili Zanotto

Lili is one of the main characters in the amazing Psychonauts by Double Fine studios. What inspired this outfit is that quite recently it's been announced that Psychonauts 2 might be under construction very soon, something I'm super excited about not to mention the other fan-funded adventure game they are coming out with too! I loved the style used in the game (and most of the games they produce) and Lili's outfits was one of my favourites;

Shoe Picnic: Superga Polka Dot 2750 Fantasy

I'm a fan of comfy shoes, and sneakers and so on are a particular favourite of mine when it comes to casual outfits, especially with jeans. I've always worn converse but recently a different sort of trainer has wormed it's way into my heart;

How pretty are these?! I never thought I'd say that about comfy shoes but these ones from Superga are just perfect. I love the dotty print as well as the big white sole that makes it look a little different to converse and the like. I can imagine they would be incredibly easy to wear too.

Like I mentioned previously, these would be great go-to shoes for 'jeans days' but could also be dressed up! With shorts and tights they would look very sweet and super summery with a short dress and bare legs. Too much cute.

Rockabilly Rose Red

Cardigans are one of those 'trends' I love that are always about; they are just brilliant in colder weather when they're a heavy, chunky knit and wonderful in summer when they come with short sleeves and thin fabric that covers you up whilst keeping you cool as opposed to an actual jacket; and the more quirky the print the better! They're easy to just shove into a bag if you want one for later too, as they don't take up much space at all.

I've got to admit, I never thought of wearing a cardigan as a top but I realise how adorable it could look! Very 50s, especially when worn more formally. Plus size ladies' evening tops or cardis that are not ridiculously frumpy or un-do-upable (waterfall cardis anyone? ugh) are hard to come by but I thought this red number was adorable and could be a great basis for an early-season mad men-esque outfit. I added a little bit of a rockabilly touch with the necklace and heels.

Geek Chic: Heather Mason

Heather Mason is the protagonist of Silent Hill 3, and if you've played SH1 you'll know she's the reincarnation/daughter of Cheryl/Alessa. Confused yet? I'm not going to go into the plot properly because it could take days and some very complicated flow charts to explain but suffice to say Silent Hill is a great game series in my opinion (and in particular the older ones), so I decided to focus on the female primary character in the series.

Beachy Florals

I'm looking forward to the summer; partially because it means I'm done with my second year of Uni (only one more to go!) and partially because myself and the boyfriend are going to Portland, Dorset for a weekend and hopefully the weather will be nice enough to go have at least a paddle. I don't even know why the idea is so exciting to me when I've basically lived in a seaside town for 12-ish years but there we go!

So, obviously my first port of call is what clothes? I'm not a bikini girl (or even a swimming costume girl, really!) but I want something floaty and light. I love this Kelly Brook swimsuit, and throwing a large floral dress over the top to go for fish and chips is just too perfect. The wedges also provide the little extra height that can prevent longer dresses being too 'ankle-swinger', and the denim jacket helps prevent some of that inevitable burning since factor 50 doesn't ever seem to be strong enough for me.


Floral Fancy

There won't be much posting that isn't already scheduled in the next couple of weeks, so here's a really quick post before I head up north tomorrow; my not-so great attempt at floral nails. I'm getting better at the more fiddly techniques though! It's a bit of a learning curve.


Shoe Picnic: TUK Baby Doll Bow Heels

What's this? Heels again? Well, not only that but heels that I think I could actually walk in. These cuties combine a few of my favourite things; coloured soles, cute straps and of course bows, bows, bows!

These TUK platform heels feel really nostalgic for me; the first ever 'fancy' shoes I owned were a pair of TUK super high platforms with a skull and crossbones on the front which I brought myself for my 15th birthday, after which I never wore them again because my mum was adamant I would break my neck. 

I particularly like the three straps across these ones as I have a habit of just walking out of my shoes and leaving them behind, which is very embarrassing in public I'll have you know. I'd pair these with leopard tights,  blue socks, black shorts and a punky top or maybe a knee-length flared dress and seamed tights for prettiness purposes. 

Geek Chic: Poison Ivy

Ivy is one of those very difficult-to-translate characters; when in fact her usual outfit is normally made up of leaves in a leotard shape rather than actual clothes! I went for casual-but-practical with my interpretation, stemming (see what I did there?) from Ivy's past as Pamela Isley, botanist. You could imagine her pottering around a greenhouse in this! and of course a trademark slick of lipstick;

5 Favourites; Nail Polish

17; Fury - a lovely red-orange-gold polish, it feels like it has so many dimensions to it and I love the way it's slightly two-tone. It would look great with gold crackle polish I think.

Collection 2000; Angel Wings - this is such a pretty grey! It applies really nicely for collection 2000, a brand I don't really enjoy nail polishes from usually. It looks great with white polka dots.

Barry M; Lilac Nail Effects - This is my go-to 'lazy' nail polish because it's quick and easy to apply and looks great with even one coat if you don't have much time.

Models Own; Juicy Jules - glitter polishes are a pain in the arse to remove so I always wear this on my toes. I got it for something like £1 in a blog sale and I love the rainbow glitter. So pretty.

17; Juicy - the photo really doesn't do this colour justice, I've never seen a green quite the same. It's almost a pastel lime green with a more emerald green sparkle which unfortunately doesn't show up that well on your nails. Still a lovely colour though.

Shoe Picnic: Irregular Choice Trinklettina

I envy those women who can stride about on heels all day and be perfectly polished and poised. I'm very definitely not one of those girls but when I do indulge in footwear that are not my usual flats or boots I make a beeline for a certain brand and I'm sure just from having a glance at the image below you know what that brand is;

They are of course part of fabulous brand Irregular Choice, and my first port of call for any non-flat footwear. And you can so see why; what's not to love about giant bows, quirky fabrics and that adorable perspex heel? Personally I prefer this colourway to the red (I clash a bit ;p) and that charm is just too, too sweet.

I would wear these beautiful shoes either full-on rockabilly with an equally bright and patterned swing dress or to a formal event with a plain dress to jazz it up a bit; in fact I have a wedding coming up in a few months for which I am shoe-less so maybe I should start saving my pennies...

An Empire that will stand for 10,000 Years

Apologies if you're a bit queasy when it comes to feet, but these photos unveil tattoo #2 of recent times, or tattoo #5 if you're counting all of them! It's still scabby and shiny and a bit icky but I couldn't wait. And if you know where the symbol is from (without looking at the tags!) cookies to you.

Geek Chic: Little Sister

Bioshock is one of my favourite games of all time; everything about it is just amazing from the imaginative storyline to the little art deco features to the voice acting. I've even read the spin-off book and you'll never hear me say that about any other game! The little sisters are a pivotal part of Bioshock and Bioshock 2 and they wear adorable if slightly tatty outfits, so who better for this week's Geek Chic post. A pretty simple outfit of four parts with a lot of impact, Adam extractor optional;

The Force Be With You

This tee shirt is so, so not my usual style. I like floofy dresses and cute cardis and colourful hoodies, but when I spotted this in H&M I had to have it; bright pink and Star Wars? Yes please! I find it difficult to wear cropped tees and I think next time I'll pair this with a dress and tights; I felt a bit 'naked' - and a little bit too chubby - with just a tight tank top/dress underneath.

tee shirt; h&m / tank top/dress; h&m / jeggings; new look
nails; 17 glisten and purple crackle

Shoe Picnic: Iron Fist Pink Gold Digger Flats

Shoe Picnic is back everyone! (well, everyone who remembers it). Who is excited? I certainly am. And this week I'm featuring a certain super-cute pair of shoes

I love, love, love Iron Fist. It is one of my absolute favourite brands and yet all I own from it is one oversized tee-shirt; but their clothing size is a completely different topic. I adored the style but I remember a couple years ago when all they used to stock were the vertiginous (but beautiful) heels and... open toed flats. Egh. 

Things have changed recently, however, and I love all these new closed-toe styles including these adorable Pink Gold Digger flats. Zombies and pink? Yes please! I would wear these cuties to parties with a black floofy dress and mis-matchy for everyday with pastel sundresses and dark tights.

Pink & Purple

So, I dyed my hair! Anyone surprised? Didn't think so :p I achieved these shades with various mixtures of Atomic Pink from Special FX and Capri Blue from Crazy Color. The boyfriend says that it's like I 'changed my colour crystal'; too much SWTOR I think? Hehe.

Nails: 17 Purple Crackle & Fury

I got this crackle polish as a replacement to my Barry M pink crackle which has just dried up; I much prefer the matte texture of the Barry M crackle and I didn't realise that this would need to go on far thicker to achieve a similar effect but done right this could be a good alternative, especially since purple isn't a colour they currently do. I love the 'Fury' polish underneath it but I found the bottle a bit misleading and I was expecting a bit of a green-orange tint which I didn't get. It's a lovely fiery gold anyway, though.

Geek Chic: The 11th Doctor

I'm a huge Doctor Who fan, and I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm only a fan of 9th Doctor onwards. Does that make me a bad fan? I don't know. All I can say is I seriously adore the show and I'm so excited for the next season to air. The 11th Doctor has, I think, my favourite costume out of the three newer Doctors. So quirky! Here's my girly take on it (and maybe add some braces too!);

We Do What We Must Because We Can.

Just a tiny quick post to show off my new tattoo! It's only little but it was very spur-of-the-moment and I love it. If you've ever played the portal games you'll recognise the symbol straight away I'm sure, hehe :p