Ink Collection

Judging by the reaction over on twitter, it seems some of you guys would like to see a post all about my etchings! So here we are, a little conglomeration (such a good word) of all the tattoo-ing I've had done to myself in the past few years;

Old School Rose & Stars; right side of chest
This was my first ever tattoo, which I got just after my 19th bithday. At the time I just really wanted a tattoo more than knowing what I wanted and I ended up with this old-school style rose that my boyfriend drew for me. I went to Chris at Kustom Kulture in my home town and he did a really good job. It took around an hour and a half to complete, with lots of shading. One day I hope to expand it into a chestpiece.

Old School Bows; back of legs
I think these are my favourite tattoos at the moment; I've had them since October and I still absolutely adore them; I didn't even go through the 'what did I do?!' phase I do with most of mine. For these I went to the lovely Kim at Sinkin Ink in Stoke; she's absolutely amazing and I'd completely recommend her if you're around that area - she really does amazing things with colour. These cuties took around two hours and it turns out it's really difficult to take photos of the back of your knees so please excuse the awful mirror picture!

Aperture; top of left foot
Why? For science, of course! Portal is one of my favourite games of all time and it has a great fandom too; as well as making a great tattoo. In fact, myself and the boyfriend have matching ones of these though his is bigger and a little further up his leg. I went to a tattoo shop in Newport for this one and it took 10-15 minutes.

Empire Symbol; top of right foot
The sign of the empire (and by connection, the sith) from the Star Wars universe. This one was a wee bit spur of the moment but I still love it; you can't get enough geeky tattoos and I do love how dainty this and my aperture symbol are. I went to to same place for this as the previous tattoo and it took around 10-15 minutes.

Shiny Bulbasaur; right outer thigh
For this (in tie with the bows for my favourite), I went to Kim at Sinkin Ink again. She's by far my favourite tattooist - and most expensive, but you really get what you pay for - and I can't believe what a great job she did on the colours here. I chose him because he's my favourite pokemon, no real story. Bulba is my biggest tattoo to date (so far) and he took about two and a half hours.

For those people that want advice about tattoos I will say this; you really do pay for what you get. And it always, always helps to go to someone who specialises in the type of tattoo you want - be it japanese or old-school or text. And do remember you have to care for your tattoo pretty much the rest of your life; lots and lots of moisturiser and sun cream. I've got plenty more planned and I'll be sure to keep you up-to-date as I get them :)

Geek Chic: Hello Kitty

This week I've chosen everyone's favourite cartoon cat; Hello Kitty! Now, again this outfit isn't hugely true to what she actually wears (err, and she's a cat too..) but I think it really embodies the spirit of the character; girly and cutesy with lots of pastel-ish brights. I've got to say I've fallen entirely in love with that big, puffy hairbow too; though it wouldn't even stay in my short hair and would be super clashy. I'd love if you guys could leave your suggestions for future Geek Chic posts in the comments, I value your ideas and I'd really like my readers a little more involved :3

Alt. Shoe Porn

(Iron Fist Lovelace Flats & TUK Kitty Plaid Boots c/o Spartoo)

Silver Leopard & Purple Plaid

Here's a debut of my other new Iron Fist top! I'd like to think I'm not one of those people who 'go for' labels but I so, so am when it comes to iron fist. They have such quirky designs I end up going back again and again. This top is also a lesson in clothes sizing; from IF's own size guide this top, in a MEDIUM, yes Medium, is designed to be a size 12. My size 16-18 body fits into it with room to spare and I'm pretty sure for a fitted look a size 20-22 could fit in it too. It's always worth trying on ladies ;)

top - iron fist / cardi - g21 via ebay / 
necklace - gift /  jeans - dorothy perkins / tank top - h&m

Dressing for a Wedding

In December, my boyfriend's eldest sister will be getting married. I know it's a long way away, but to be honest I'm already panicking about what to wear! Do I recycle an already-worn dress? Well I would love to, but my eBay addiction (for selling as well as buying) has left me with very few wedding-suitable items in my wardrobe; not to mention my usual style (cupcakes and BRIGHT prints) when it comes to dresses isn't really fitting for a small family wedding!

Part of the reason I'm looking so early is around December there's the issue of all shops stocking 'christmas party' clothes rather than the kind of style I prefer - lots of blacks and metallics and shiny bits as well as short skirts - so picking something pretty out of a spring/summer collection is probably my best bet; as I'm sure anyone who is attending a wedding this year will agree. I've been particularly perusing the current Oasis clothes collection on Very as I know them to be a brand that produces quality clothes for fairly cheap, particularly for more formal do's when Hell Bunny or Collectif won't cut it (!)  Here's some of my favourites;

(£65/ each)

Shoe Picnic: Dr Martens Melody Ballerinas

I'm a huge fan of girly shoes; in particular the ones that are overly childish. Funnily enough, I wouldn't have been seen caught dead in anything like this when I was younger! I was very much a dungarees-and-wellies child.

These Melody ballerinas are all the best parts of Dr Martens shoes minus one element I have to admit I sometimes struggle with; the sheer chunkiness of the soles. I have big feet as it is and I don't really want them to look wide too!

When it comes to these flats, however, that big sole has been downgraded to something a little more streamlined and combined with the pattern the overall girliness is very appealing; there's even something a little Cath Kidston about the floral design - it would look great on stationary as well.


A quick attempt at the 'butterfly wings' style nail art using a black marker, white dotting pen and model's own 'indian ocean' polish 

Skin & Bones

I bought these leggings an absolute age ago; they were a bargain off of eBay for £3-something which is brilliant considering when they were delivered it turns out they were Tee & Cake, a popular boutique brand sold by Topshop. And what's not to love about glittery skeleton leggings? But of course I promptly lost them for about two months before finding them under my wardrobe(?) so this was their first airing. I decided to wear them with my equally bargainous new top which was something like 75% off.

top - iron fist / tank top - h&m / leggings - tee & cake
nails - barry m lilac foil & pink

Furniture Shopping

As you may or may not know, next year (my last year of Uni) I will be living at home on the other side of the bridge and commuting to Newport for whatever lectures I have. This is sad in itself because I'm not looking forward to leaving the house, but it does mean I can save up for the year after University. Now, the biggest problem I'm facing is the room I'm going to be in back home; for one thing, all it contains at the moment is a single mattress on the floor - hobo chic, I know - and is approximately the size of a large cupboard. So here's some furniture solutions I was looking at for a very limited space - from IKEA of course, where else?

cushions - 89p / sofa bed - £89
With the limited space I have, I still wanted a double bed (well, as close as I could get) whilst also maintaining space in the room; because a double bed would take up the whole thing! I settled on the idea of a sofa bed that I could put up during the day to give me more room. I particularly like this one, it's small and cost-effective and having slept on one before I know it's comfortable too!

big unit - £72 / small unit - £20 / storage box - £7
Again, due to the limited space I will have it would not be practical to have a big wardrobe or hanging unit taking up half the room. These expedit shelves are fairly cheap and perfect for storage of clothing, books, anything you can think of really! The storage boxes could work well for socks, tights etc. and the smaller unit would also be a multi-purpose place to put my TV.

So, provided with a small living space; what would you do? I'd love some advice :)

Geek Chic: Symbiote Spiderman

I might not be as keen on Spidey as I am on Batman, but he's still a favourite of mine; you've got to love the older cartoon versions of him - too adorably camp! I chose to go with Symbiote Spiderman because in the past I've done one of these posts on Wonder Woman who has a similar colour scheme; plus I was entirely in love with this silver necklace I found. Piano-playing and terrible dancing optional.


I got my hair cut again the other day! I can't praise my hairdressers enough, I go to Christopher Neil in Newport and they always do a great job; though of course I might be a little biased what with being a hair model and therefore getting all my snips for free ;)

Oh, and for those who were requesting a better picture of Bulba, here he is all healed up (though his eyes are still a little dry);

Shoe Picnic: TUK Black Creeper Sneakers

I've featured TUK before in my shoe picnic posts; and when I write about a brand twice you know I love it! And these creeper sneakers are no exception to the current stellar TUK collection.

The thing I think I love most about these shoes is their faithful recreation of the original creeper, from the laces to the white checkered pattern on the toe, but with the trainers-style sole they would be so much more practical and comfy whilst still being fairly smart.

If I weren't moving home next year (where we have two white dogs that shed very heavily) I would snap these shoes up in a moment. If you've fallen in love too you should nab a pair whilst you can, because I can imagine these going out of stock quite quickly what with the recent creeper trend!

Skull Candy

I've never really enjoyed wearing jumpers; I've always been more of a hoodie girl, or cardigans to class it up a bit. I guess jumpers remind me a bit too much of school? I hated wearing one then. The boyfriend got me this one from New Look the other day as I present and I think it's entirely flipped my mindset when it comes to this item of clothing. I can envisage a whole wardrobe of jumpers for the colder days in summer! Oh, and I have about a million of the H&M long tank tops now. They are super comfy and so stretchy that they basically act like control wear without the eyewatering price tag.

Tank Top: H&M / Jumper: New Look / Jeans: Next / Necklace: Primark
Nails: Models Own Aqua Violet & 17 Purple Crackle

Geek Chic: Claire Redfield

I knew it would only be a matter of time before Resident Evil wormed itself into this series; it's one of my favourite game series (with my particular favourite being Resi 4) and I'm so excited for the next one to come out! I decided to choose Claire (in her R.E. 2 outfit) because despite not being one of my favourite characters it's the first game I played in the series followed by Code: Veronica so she was the obvious choice! Also, it's near impossible to source a red denim mini playsuit so I ended up making a near approximation this time :D

top - jacket (w/ sleeves removed) - shorts - cycle shorts - gloves - belt - necklace - boots

Photo Post: Engagement Party

...not mine, of course! But that of my lovely bestie Sophie & her fiance Ben; and I'm also her maid of honour too! I left this post for a few days just so I could nab some photos of myself off of Facebook when they appeared because being really out-of-practice I entirely forgot to take outfit pictures. Either way, if you're interested the dress is Rise via Dorothy Perkins, the cardi is DPs also and my shoes were Draven. It was a lovely party and everyone had a great time, which is always a good thing!

Myself and other fellow partgoers, and friends from back at college (which seems a long time ago now!)

The happy couple! n'awww.

Decorated chalkboards c/o of my 'artistic' skills.

Part of the amazing cake by Sophie's mum;
based off the Empire State Building where Ben proposed.

What party is complete without embarrassing dancing?! (please note the guy is not Ben but his twin Lewis! lots of people were confused.)