Sunglasses Season - 50's Fancy

In a follow up to my previous post about my brand-new prescription sunglasses, I feel I've become a bit of a sunnies addict! It's just so wonderful the sheer amount of styles and shapes and colours they come in and somehow the tinted glass makes any style far more acceptable than with normal glasses; thick frames, swirly bits and bright colours; anything goes! I'm looking at some more already as the weather is supposed to pick up again in a couple days (fingers crossed..), and of course my eye is drawn to the retro 50s styles most of all; always a rockabilly girl at heart!

I think the orange-red shaded frames just make these Gucci Sunglasses; they are so retro chic and would look amazing with a cute polka-dot swimming costume and wedges by the pool or at the beach, with a bright coloured cocktail in hand obviously ;)

These Police Sunglasses are very close in shape and size to my normal everyday Superdry frames so I know they'd suit my face shape. I'm a sucker for anything tortoiseshell too and I like that the shape isn't too OTT making them infinitely more comfortable for long-term wear such as when driving.

How amazing are these Nikita Tom Ford Sunglasses? I saved the best for last. I love them, they're like if the 50s was in the future! and would look great with a floral maxi dress or even dressed-down casual with denim shorts and a simple tank top, they have so much personality. The exaggerated 'cat eye' shaping at the top is adorable too.

Sunnies Weather

Prior to a couple days ago, I've never really worn sunglasses. It's always been a toss-up between squinting at the sun or being able to see where I'm going and oddly enough that second option always one. But no more! And here's a poser-ish pic (of me in my PJs, ahem) to prove it;

My eyes are clearly focussed! I can see! And this is courtesy of SmartBuyGlasses who provided me with these beautiful prescription D&G sunglasses which I absolutely cannot wait to get outside and wear. I've tried to show the beautiful purple tortoiseshell pattern on the frames in the photos but it didn't come across particularly well, so you might just have to imagine. I only hope the sun lasts now.

*apologies for terrible photo quality, this is due to my DSLR being left at home whilst I'm at my boyf's for the month*

The Bad With The Good

Oasap is one of my blog sponsors, and from where I received this beautiful lolita bag the previous month, so I know they can come up with some beautiful items. I awaited this month's parcel with great anticipation and was a bit disappointed with half of the contents. First of all, here is the good:

This embroidery design necklace with a cost of $13 is super pretty, I could see myself wearing it a lot and the design seems very hard-wearing too; the links holding the parts together are strong and the actual necklace is pretty flawless in it's design. It's almost a statement piece but normal enough for everyday dress-up, so expect to see it in an outfit soon.

However, this 'bat sleeve tee'  with a cost of $26 I also received was the source of my disappointment. I was thrilled to find something I would actually fit into in the clothing section of the website and I loved the punky skull design. But it was not to be, obviously, because here is a comparison of the tee on the site and the one I received;

Hmmm. Not really remotely skull-like in my opinion, and no matter how I make it fall or twiddle the fabric bits it always just looks like... little silver circles. I stuck it on just to show how it looked on but I feel it won't be worn after this (and therefore passed onto my sister). It's such a shame, too, as this was the piece I was most looking forward to. And please excuse the moody pictures, I'm no longer used to my old school ways of sticking a little digital camera on a wardrobe to take outfit photos :p

(jean shorts are dorothy perkins)

*apologies for terrible photo quality, this is due to my DSLR being left at home whilst I'm at my boyf's for the month*

Geek Chic Avengers Special: Iron Man

Of all the original 'Avengers' movies, Iron Man 1 and 2 are the only ones I really enjoyed - Tony Stark just has such a personality and he's always on a thin line between cocky and just being an arse. He's also my boyfriend's favourite of the Avengers, and therefore my second choice for casual-ising (I chose the top to mimic Stark's tee in the film);

top - new look | jeans - dorothy perkins | ring - etsy
jacket - river island | flatforms - asos

Mini Haul: Model's Own Nail Polish

Of late, I've been having a mini love affair with the Model's Own brand. I'm absolutely in love with their glitter polishes and wear different shades on my toes most days, and the other colours I've owned tend to have a great consistency and only take two layers to become solid. So when I spotted these colours in Boots on a recent shopping trip I couldn't resist;

'In The Navy', in particular, is nothing like any of the other shades in my collection. It applies beautifully and is nice and dark without appearing 'gothy', which I find can be an issue with darker polishes. The hedkandi 'Disco Heaven' applies like a dream too and has lovely blue-green flecks. I found the crackle polish a real disappointment, however, because applied over dark colours the consistency is so thin there's no colour at all! I can only see it being good over very light shades.

And the best part about these polishes is what I paid for them - both 'Disco Heaven' and the crackle pink were half price at £2.50 due to their plastic seals having been removed and each nail art pen was free with two polishes; meaning I spent £15 and saved £21 including the eyeliner I also got free on a Advantage Card deal. I saved more than I spent! That doesn't happen too often.

Shoe Picnic: Dkode Nora in Grey/Silver

I like looking at fancy, impractical shoes that I'd probably never wear. The kind that would shrink if they so much as looked at rain and would be delegated to indoor events and such, and to be honest as someone who rarely leaves the house let alone attends fancy indoors events (and who wears boots to them anyway?) these are probably not the most practical item I've ever lusted after;

These are the Nora boots by Dkode and yes, I'm well aware they are weird looking but to me they just look like a super-fancy girly victorian version of Chel's long fall boots in Portal; if she was being tested in 1890's britain as opposed to whenever. If you've ever played the game or followed the fandom you'll see where I'm coming from.

Above all these boots are not practical because a majority of the material is white. I do not do well with white that may not be wipe-clean (e.g. doc martens) and therefore these pretties will probably never be in my boots collection, which is apparently more bountiful than any of my other types of shoes so I suppose I don't really need any more anyway. Doesn't stop me mooning over them, though...

Geek Chic Avengers Special: Hulk

Oops, only one day (and a week..) late! For the next few weeks when it comes to the weekly geek chic posts I'm going to be focusing on the characters from the recent Avengers Assemble film which I have to say was awesome; and I'm not normally a Marvel fan! Here's number one of this series with the ever-angry Hulk, with a slightly more casual spin than Jess's costume;

shorts - new look | converse - spartoo
top - dorothy perkins | bag - river island

Shoe Picnic: Melissa Wanting Lace in Black & White

When it comes to flats there are two things that are very important to me; wearability (not a real word?) and style. These ballet-style flats definitely have both. I love the Melissa brand as a whole and though I'm yet to own any of their shoes these might be the first pair I try; if only because white dog hair won't stick to black plastic like it would canvas!

Melissa is a brand I find really intriguing; a couple years ago when I heard about plastic shoes I thought immediately of the original crocs monstrosities but nowadays pretty jelly sandals and bright saturated colours come to mind. No to mention these are endlessly useful! I've gone canoeing a couple time with the boyfriend's family and these are both waterproof and have grip, both of which are fairly necessary.

I think my favourite design element on these shoes, however, is the adorable lace pattern! For some reason I'm really reminded of those little plastic 'handbags' you could get in the 90s for easter eggs and things? Maybe that's just me but something about the plastic lace feels really nostalgic and looks adorable on the contrasting black too.

Avengers Assemble!

In the past few days I've moved out of my student house, moved home, unpacked my room, packed for stoke, stood up for a 3 and a half hour train journey and then gone out the night I got there, as well as the night after. Understandably I'm slacking on the updates a little, but here's a couple photos (courtesy of the lovely Jess, also party host) of the house party held in honour of the Avengers movie; which by the way is awesome. Can you guess who I am? :p

Shoe Picnic: Lucane by Lussi Buggy Wedges

In terms of shoe brand, Buggy isn't one I'd particularly heard of before (well, hadn't heard of!) and browsing through their products it's an odd mixture of old and young-people shoes that I didn't really expect; I'm used to brands specialising towards one or the other. However, these wedges caught my eye immediately;

These are the 'Lucane by Lussi', apparently a singer, and I just absolutely fell in love with the adorable little wing detail on these sandal-type wedges. They remind me very much of a more subtle version of the melissa x westwood designs a little while back whilst being a great deal more casual.

I'd wear these Buggy wedges with a cute knee-length summer dress or longer, as the wedge makes up for length and I tend to find shorter looks a lot shorter when you combine it with wedges. The polka-dot design that's incorporated would work really well with other dotty elements; in fact I have a cardigan that matches it pretty well in my wardrobe right now.

Macro Beautiful

A week or so ago I tagged along to a shoot the lovely Rosie was doing of our housemate for her degree course. Now I'm a bit rusty at proper photographs (it's been a few years now since my A-Level) but I thought I'd try out my Tamron 70-300 telephoto macro lens as it's never really been used properly. I was pleasantly surprised with the results, and I really enjoyed taking the photos. Close-ups have always been one of the parts of photography I really enjoy. Here are my own favourite photos from the shoot;

Review: Bourjois 1 Second Magic Nail Polish Remover

This baby has taken the blogging world by storm recently, so I thought I'd jump in and do my own little dedicated post too; and I've got to say there's not much I don't love about this product! The size is a fair bit smaller than I thought it would be but it's a great size for your handbag, only costs £4.99 and should last a fair while, which is great considering the amount of cotton wool and nail varnish remover I get through. Here's the real test:

These are my nails prior to using the 1 second nail remover. If you're interested, the polish is Barry M silver foil effects and gold sparkle crackle. This is base coat, two silver coats and one crackle coat.

And this is the result of using the Miracle Nail Polish Remover. I'm very used to having little bits of polish left around the edge of my nails so the fact there was none was a nice surprise, and the nail feels moisturised and smooth too. I will say this though; it did not take one second to remove the polish. I put my finger in the hole (sounds dodgy..) and twisted and though a lot of the polish had come off first time a lot still remained. It took an extra 5 seconds or so to remove the excess.

As well as it passing the test with flying(ish) colours, I really like the design of the bottle too; the bright  pink is nice and as previously mentioned the size is compact which is great for travel. I do wish the bottle stated how many uses you would get out of it but that's something I'll just have to test for myself - I use a LOT of nail polish remover.

And finally a quick photo of the inside of the bottle; I know only a couple of bloggers bothered posting the inside so I thought it would be quite useful if you are considering whether or not to buy it. When you put your nail inside the hole you can feel the liquid around it but it's obviously the sponge that's saturated as there's no liquid noise when you shake the bottle. 

Scallops and Skeletons

I'm done with University for the summer! Which means right now I'm sorting out all my bits and bobs ready for the move home, as well as booking train tickets up to Stoke to see my lovely boyfriend, who doesn't finish for a fair bit yet. The skeleton leggings make a re-appearance here and to be honest I love the way the level of detail and pattern on everything I'm wearing makes for an outfit that, though very simple and comfy, makes up to something that looks fairly 'finished'.

dress: dorothy perkins / leggings: tee & cake
boots: TUK c/o spartoo / bag: c/o oasap

Shoe Picnic: Irregular Choice Love You Heels

Guys, I think I may be in love. As most of you already know, I'm a massive, massive fan of Irregular Choice shoes; in fact they make up the majority of my heels collection (erm, not that that says much). However, I don't think I've ever been in love with a pair of shoes as much as these 'Love You' heels;

Aren't they just the perfect heels in every way? There's nothing I don't like about them, from the pretty rainbow perspex(?) bow to the gingham print and then onto the perspex heel that just happens to be at the perfect height. The only thing I would prefer is the velvet interior to the shoe of past seasons but, hey, the gold is pretty nice anyway.

Oops, here I am gushing about my favourite brand again. I have a feeling at some point soon these shoes will be working their way towards me through the postal system; not sure how long I can resist!  

Lolita-Style Storage

How adorable is this bag? I can so imagine it look perfect with a blue-tone lolita outfit, or adorable with a peter-pan style dress; it could even cute up a casual look like denim shorts and a black tee. It comes with loads of different inside compartments too, a must for me otherwise everything ends up in this infinite jumble/disappears to the handbag gods. I can see myself using this blue cutie a lot in the future!

nails - 17 orange soda / lolita-style bag - c/o oasap