Review: 17 Wild Curl in Wildest Black

As mentioned in a previous post, I got this mascara on a deal for £1 at Boots; not a bad price at all in my opinion. I'm more used to using mascaras with thick brushes that can be applied easily so this brush was a little tricky for me and I've got to say I'm not really 100% happy with the results, and I'm sure you can see why from the comparison photos. The promised 'curl' hasn't really been provided, and the 6x volume definitely not, and I've had much better results with other brands. Ah well, at least it only cost me 100 pennies!

Weekly Wishlist #002

Whether the weather is sunny or not, the whole year around my eye is drawn towards the pastel shades online and on the high street. It reminds me so much of lolita and 50s fashion! Not to mention sunny weather and days by the seaside. Here's my picks;

Interview Attire

Minus the jeans, this whole outfit is basically the exact same as the one I wore for my job interview, and obviously it was a success! The dress was a purchase from one of those odd boutique-y type shops that stock floral maxi dresses and £5 print leggings, that kind of thing. It's super comfy and pretty though, I love it and the photos really don't do it justice, I'll have to get some better close-ups next time I wear it. The thing these photos really illustrate, though, is how much I'm in need of re-dying my hair. Gotta dig out the SFX pink bottles soon and get to that. Don't forget to enter my giveaway to win a pair of glasses from Firmoo either.

dress: boutique-y shop in bristol // jeggings: new look // cardi: primark via ebay
flats: matalan // necklace: primark // nails: models own utopia & crackle pink

Shoe Picnic: Clarks Diary Record

Back in the 90s, I can remember Clarks as the place you got 'practical' school shoes from that would last for the whole year (you know, the weird loafer ones everyone took the laces out of?) and where you would go once a year to 'get measured' by a lady who had a weird green plastic board with a slider on it.

These 'Diary Record' heels definitely don't make me think of those shops; look how adorable they are! I love the dusky rose pink that makes them just the right side of smart-casual and if there's one thing I do know about Clarks, their shoes are both comfortable and last forever, so you would probably never need to buy a pair of suede brogue-type heels again if that's what you were in the market for.

I'm not a massive fan of the pointed toe but the 'menswear as womenswear' style of these heels makes it work and the girliness of the little laser-cut circles just adds to the whole design. These would look equally good as part of a work wardrobe with a more formal dress or dresses down with long skinny jeans and a cute tank top, not to mention great with black tights.

Tie Dye Hippie Throwback

This dress is the absolute comfiest thing I own. It's from one of those boutique-y setups they have in New Look and if any of you ladies were eyeing it I suggest sizing down; this is a 14 and fits me perfectly. It's great for days when I can't be bothered to throw anything proper on but of course the boyfriend hates it and tells me I look like 'I've had a can of paint thrown on me'. Bah. And also, you should enter my giveaway to win a pair of adorable glasses from Firmoo!

dress: boutique in new look // cardi: new look // bag: primark
shoes: draven // nails: models own blue violet & 17 purple crackle

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Five Favourites: Skincare

This week in '5fave' I'm focusing on my skincare routine; though I don't really wear all that much makeup my skin still gets pretty oily and dry, which makes certain products necessary. Here's my pick of the bunch;

one: Soap and Glory 'Clarity' Face Soap. This stuff is actually amazing, I use it a couple times a week and it makes my skin feel really fresh and soft without being too harsh to cause my eczema to flare up. And it lasts an absolute age too as even a little bit froths up to a faceful of bubbles.
two: Clean & Clear Morning Energy Shine Control Lotion. Oops, I've accidentally included half of the C&C collection here! It's definitely one of my favourites, this lotion doesn't cause me any spots whilst also preventing me looking shiny which can be an issue due to my lack of makeup.
three: I nabbed this Clean & Clear Morning Energy Moisturiser in Bargain Buys for something like £1.50 and it was money well spent; though it comes in a teeny container a little goes a long way and it's nice and thin whilst still being moisturising.
four: Clean & Clear Morning Energy Facial Wash is my go-to daily face wash and it works great, leaves me feeling super clean and also prevents shine, which is a double win for me! I love the bright green 'fresh' colour of all these products, too.
five: Equate Exfoliating Scrub is an absolutely amazing Apricot-based exfoliator and I use it everyday. I picked it up in a really bizarre shop in Stoke called JTF (the kind you need a card for to get in) for about 60p and since then they've never had it again so I'm trying to make the last little bit last. It looks like it's made in Canada, according to the label.

The Great Blog Sale

Hey guys! I'm running a mini blog-sale here on Blargle Fargle and since I know a lot of you ladies love nail varnish and beauty products I thought I'd pop a bit of advertising up! Nothing is more than £4, and there's lots of deals to be had including some Models Own polishes and Soap and Glory products for sale! Please take a look over here.

Geek Chic Avengers Special: Hawkeye

The last of the avengers geek chic special is here! And last but not least we have Hawkeye, archer extraordinaire of the Avengers group. Since he wears all black I wanted to do something to distinguish him from Black Widow outfit-wise so I went a little more luxe punk as well as adding this adorable silver bow-and-arrow necklace. Perfect for a lady Hawkeye about town!

tank top: superdry / jeans: topshop / gilet: bank / boots: spartoo
sunglasses: m&m direct / cuff: phase eight / necklace: etsy

17 Mini-Haul: The £6 Megadeal

There is nothing better than getting your hands on a really good bargain. It's almost the best feeling in the world, I imagine, and even better than that is managing to wheedle your way into getting multiple bargains in one buy; something I've achieved with this 17 haul. The whole 'thing' that got this deal rolling was a Boots voucher I received in the post for £1 for any 17 'Wild Curls' mascara. After this, I visited my local Boots and noticed that when I spent £6 I would receive the 'Fest of All' kit, so I grabbed the £5 'Hot Metals' nail varnish set (also on offer) and dashed over to the till. Not only that, I used another voucher for 100 points with my purchase, not a bad deal if you ask me! And that's how I got 4 nail varnishes, one bronzer, one eyeliner and one mascara for £6. (please don't forget to enter my giveaway to win a pair of glasses from Firmoo.)

Weekly Wishlist #001

This week I'm loving super-girly clothes and combos; I love the frilly skirt on the topshop dress but I'd absolutely have to have it if the top was changed for a 50s sweetheart neckline. I need some little birds to do my sewing for me :p I'm loving the maxi skirt too at the moment, they look great all casual with converse and tees.

Back to my Roots

The older followers amongst you will recognise this dress as being very frequently worn in my older outfit posts. In fact, I've owned two of it since the first one broke and I had an manic ebay scramble to find a replacement. What can I say, I know what I like! The floral print on this is just perfect and it's completely the right balance of lolita and 50s. These flats are also the comfiest things ever, even from first wear. Gotta love the zombie/pink combo. Please remember to enter my giveaway to win a pair of glasses from Firmoo, it's a great prize!

dress: primark via eBay // cardi: primark via eBay // shorts: dorothy perkins
necklace: topshop // belt: topshop outlet // shoes: iron fist c/o spartoo

Shoe Picnic: Dr Martens 1460 Mauve

Wow, it's been a while since I blogged about Docs on here isn't it? If you haven't been around a while you probably won't know Dr Martens are literally my favourite type of footwear out there and I've owned multiple pairs over the year, from bright pink to cherry red to burnished brown. They are brilliantly comfy once worn in and I just can't seem to tear myself away from them, they are my first choice for any fashion statement I might want to make.

My eyes were drawn to this particular pair of boots because of the really warm shade of purple that would make them great equally for a summery outfit with thin socks and grungy 90s shorts or wintery (read: UK summer) weather with thick tights and jersey dresses, and I've got to say I'm pretty tempted! A girl can never have too many big, clumpy, stompy boots can she?

Personally, I would wear these shoes with one of my more summery 50s-style dresses and a cute plaid shirt over the top for that extra bit of 'grunginess'. For more casual days I'd probably go full-on punk with one of my iron fist tees, my denim knee shorts and some black socks. And I've gotta say, these cuties would go brilliantly with my hair; bright at both ends ;)

Broderie Green & Plaid Pink

We finally got some sunny-but-not-too-sunny weather a bit ago so I snapped these photos in the garden, a first for my DSLR Cedric! It went pretty well on timer but I still think I'm going to look into getting a wireless shutter remote as it's pretty difficult to focus well and I end up with a lot of blurry outtakes if I don't manually find a point of focus. I have a wired one but it turns out I ordered a 0.9m one, not a 9m one, ugh. I've been getting back into wearing summer dresses a lot lately as the weather turns, and these shorts are brilliant for me because I'm not too keen on showing off a lot of leg. I'm loving plaid at the moment too, to add a little 'punk' to everyday outfits. And if it's pink then all the better! And please don't forget to enter my giveaway to win a pair of glasses from Firmoo.

dress: dorothy perkins via eBay // shorts: dorothy perkins // shirt: new look sale
shoes: iron fist c/o spartoo // nails: models own aqua violet & 17 purple crackle

Seeing Yellow & Firmoo Giveaway

Lovely glasses company Firmoo contacted me a couple weeks back offering to send me a free pair of glasses to review and I've only just received them due to being away. When I did finally see them I was super excited to share them with you though; they are so yellow! I decided to go a bit outlandish with my choice and pick something really different so of course yellow nerd-glasses were my first pick off of the site, which by the way is really cheap and I will definitely buy from them again.

So, the lovely people at Firmoo have also decided to host a little giveaway through my blog; two of you can each win a free pair of glasses courtesy of the company and everyone who enters will receive a 50% off voucher for use on the website, which means you could get a pair of glasses for as cheap as $4, even! So, here's how you can enter:

1. tweet a link to this post for one entry
2. blog about this post for one entry
3. write a public facebook post about this post for one entry
4. post a link to this post on your blog/site for one entry

Once you're done one/some/all of these things, comment leaving your email address, a link to each entry and your name. And for fun, what would be your favourite glasses colour to own? (not necessary, just a bit of fun). The competition will go on for two weeks so will end on Monday the 2nd of July 9am GMT, and is available internationally. Good luck to everyone who enters!

Geek Chic Avengers Special: Thor

Whew! This was without a doubt the hardest outfit to put together so far. Thor's costume is just so costume-y that is really makes it difficult to have anything that is in any way similar without it being weird looking/unwearable. I think I achieved a pretty good compromise though and I'm especially pleased with the waistcoat that mimics the pattern on the top half of his costume.

leggings - new look // waistcoat - vila // cardigan - new look
boots - asos // skirt - miss selfridge

New Job

This is a mini-post to say after a long time job-hunting I've finally found employment! I'm not going to reveal who my new employer is on the blog for obvious reasons, and this is probably the last you will hear about it other than in passing but I was just so ecstatic to get it that I had to share it with you. Here's to jobs, experience and of course £££ that will come in very handy to see me through the summer and my last year of Uni.

Shoe Picnic: Maloles Nila Flats

Flats are something a girl can never get enough of in her wardrobe; I'm no exception to that particular breed of girl! Flats are my favourites, and they're my everyday go-to shoe for any outfit from flouncy dresses to scruffy jeans - they go with everything.

These flats from Maloles come at a fairly hefty price but they are a lovely combination of polka dots, studs and bows - a bit of everything in fashion at the moment in one little canvas package and often the addition to the price means they are far more hardwearing than cheaper brands.

So, when it comes to summer shoes, flats are on the absolute top of my list for comfort and coolness that doc martens or combat boots really can't supply, no matter how cute they are! Especially at the beach or in really hot weather (which will hopefully come around again? please?) flats are super-convenient for just shoving in your bag to go barefoot or have a bit of a paddle, as well as being far more compact to take multiple pairs on your holidays.

Giveaway: INGRI:DAHL 3D Glasses

Wow, it's been a fair while since my last giveaway hasn't it? Well, the lovely people at INGRI:DAHL contacted me and asked if one of you lovely followers would be interested in winning a pair of their adorable 3D glasses; now, at first that doesn't sound like that much of a great prize but trust me these cinema specs are the cutest I've ever seen, not to mention saving that £1 on glasses when you go to the cinema and they have been featured in Glamour Magazine, Hollywood Reporter, TechCrunch, DesignMilk,, NRK, and Linda ++. They also make some cute clip-ons for those of us not blessed with brilliant eyesight, which in my opinion is a great invention!


So, how do you enter?
First of all, you must like INGRI:DAHL on Facebook at this link
Secondly, be a follower on my blog through any method
Thirdly, leave a comment with your email address and name.

And that's it! The giveaway is open internationally and will close on Monday the 18th of June at 9am GMT. It's only one entry per person unfortunately but don't let that put you off! Good luck~! Contest has ended! Thanks to all who entered.

Geek Chic Avengers Special: Black Widow

Black Widow, despite having one of the simplest outfits, was really difficult to put together; It's difficult to use that much black without ending up a wee bit gothy and to emulate a custom-made jumpsuit without looking too... well, slutty! I decided to emulate the jumpsuit and add the heeled boots as a kind of crossover between her crime-fighting kit and the initial 'dressy' outfit she is pictured in. And here is the result;

leggings: miss selfridge / hoodie: bench / belt: topshop
boots: asos / dog tags: feeriedoll @ etsy / gloves: USC

A Day At The Zoo

A couple days ago I went to Blackbrook Zoological Park with the boyfriend and his housemate, through a deal we got on groupon that made it lots cheaper. It was a really nice day out! The nice weather might have been intermittent but there were still lots of animals out to see; I particularly loved the Lemurs and the Warty Pigs! These photos were taken on a little digital camera but I thought they came out pretty well anyway;