In Bloom

I am. In Love. With these shoes. Are they not the prettiest things? I've liked creepers for years and always spied them in the alt/goth shops I tend to gravitate towards but they were always a little bit pricy and black suede + white dogs = not a great combination. However, this time I decided to throw sense out the window and bought these cuties for a low price. I got the men's version for the width and they are just the most comfy.

dress: ebay a long time ago / cardi: select / jeggings: new look
creepers: TUK c/o spartoo / necklace: topshop / nails: 17 glisten

Photo Post: Beach Dogs

A couple days ago we went down to the beach, and I took the opportunity to use my telephoto lens in a new location. It was a really sunny day and these were shot in the early afternoon so I got some great, crisp shots, particularly of my mum's dogs; I feel like these photos really show off their personalities! Totally in love with this lens. It feels so much less intrusive and awkward taking photos like these from a distance. 

Review: Miniature Photography

How cute are these little iPhone accessories?! I don't actually own one any more, having passed it on to my sister, but she kindly lent it to me for modelling purposes in return for the items after review. The tripod is particularly useful as it would fit all different types of phone and makes the phone into far more of a 'photography' tool, great for longer exposures or timed shots.

The fisheye lens I also received is completely adorable, and has a great effect I wasn't expecting to come from a slightly rubbish iPhone camera! Very artsy and different, not to mention that it sticks on through magnetic means; you can just stick a ring of magnetic sticker to your phone case and you're good to go. The fact you can attach it to your phone is infinitely useful too.

Weekly Wishlist #006

This week I'm focussing on summer style; it's been so hot these past few days that I just want to lie around in floaty dresses and cute sandals or have a dip in the pool. Unfortunately between work and work experience and other things, there hasn't been time really but I can always dream!

one - shorts // two - essie polish // three - swimsuit
four - aqua sandals // five - butterfly maxi

Fantasy Fashion Wishlist

I'm generally pretty grounded when it comes to fashion purchases and wishlists; I stick to the end of the high street, and even the lower side of that! I blanch at a price tag over £30 on a dress. However, there's nothing wrong with a little daydreaming. If I won the lottery these are the items that would travel straight to the top of my wishlist;

I love these skinnies from Citizens of Humanity because despite not being a huge fan of paisley print, these make it a little bit modern and also a lot less 'costumey'. You could either dress them up with something flowy or wear it casual with a punky tee and either way they will compliment without overwhelming. In fact, add a cute tee and all the items I've picked would go great together. The beautiful buttery pastel yellow of the Chloe cross-body bag is incredibly on trend and has been for an absolute age, it would look great with summery shorts or even full-blown Lolita fashion. And finally, these Alexander McQueen heels are just my favourite pick of the bunch. The skulls are too cute and it's a brand I've admired for a long time. The electric blue is just the right side of dramatic, too.

I've never really thought of looking through the Harrods' site before, I always imagine it as a wee bit old fashioned and stuffy but as these products show, they really aren't! They have loads of brands in stock from Dsquared (of the 'spine heels' fame) to Vivienne Westwood and everything in-between.

This is a Sponsored Post but all writing/opinions are my own

Blue with Polka Dots

Heels are one of my vices. Not in the usual way, though; I'm not a hoarder in terms of my shoes. I will buy some absolutely beautiful heels with grand plans to wear them, end up wearing flats and sell them on eBay. And so, what do I use the money for? To buy new heels of course...

I'm going to try to hold on to these TUK cuties because they are just breathtaking in person, not to mention incredibly comfortable and terribly photogenic. Just the right side of rockabilly too without becoming costume-y. I'm in love.

Shoe Picnic: Irregular Choice Aphrodite Sandals

When I initially spotted these heels-type sandals online, I wasn't so sure about them; there's something about the toe area in combination with the back of the shoe that personally made them feel a bit.. exposed? Not sure what word I'm trying to convey there. However, after having seen them on the feet of a few bloggers my head has been turned. The actual shoe is nowhere near as tacky as I initially thought and actually quite pretty in an alternative open-toe style.

As I'm sure most of you will have guessed, these are from iconic brand Irregular Choice, purveryor of bizarre and beautiful footwear and my own personal favourite shoe seller. I've got to admit I preferred the plush velvet interiors of the older shoes but it wouldn't really go with these summery sandals, and as always there's the easily recognisable sole on display with a sunny-weather mermaid/seahorse theme.

All the polka dots make these shoes super-summery, perfect for walking on the promenade by the beach with a 50s frock and a wide-brimmed hat. Not to mention the thick heel makes it look much more comfortable than the spindly-heeled stilettos you see clicking about. What would you wear with these rockabilly polka-dotted heels? 

Taunton Wedding Fair

Being Maid of Honour for my best friend's wedding, these kind of fairs are one of my duties that I love! Lots of fancy, expensive things to look at not to mention lots of cake tasting. The hotel the event was held at was a beautiful wedding venue in it's own right and I really wish I'd remembered to take a couple snaps of the outside, but never mind. Here's some shots of a small part of the lovely stuff on offer;

Adorable Gingerbread and Sweet Cupcakes from Charlotte Jane Cakes.
I can't remember the name of the lady who made this cake, which is a shame because they were all beautiful!
Lovely Bouquets by Eden Taunton Floral Design

Five Favourites: Flats

It's no secret that I'm a flats girl; if you take a look through my outfits archive they feature time and time again, and as such I've built up quite the collection of quirky and adorable variations on ballet-style flats. Well, they do go with any outfit! Here's my five favourites in no particular order;

one: Iron Fist Shark Flats / two: Underground Ska Flats / three: Iron Fist Zombie Flats
four: Draven Zebra Flats / five: SUPER old flats from ??? (brought FIVE years ago!)

Comics & Me

If you're been following my blog for a while, it's no secret that I'm a big fan of comics. Unlike some, I'm not all that picky when it comes to what I read (though I do tend to prefer DC over Marvel) and a lot of my choice when it comes to my books and comics is based off the style of art that's within the pages. Hence why I genuinely love V for Vendetta and Watchmen but absolutely cannot read the books, and also why I tend to have a preference for 'Indie' publications over 'Mainstream'.

My collection (though very small) contains both Marvel and DC as well as Tokyopop, Onipress, you name it! All in all if you include the actual small comics with the graphic novels I have roughly 40+ comics collected and I plan to keep adding! Now I have my Kindle I have no real need to purchase proper paper-and-ink novels so I need something to fill those shelves, right? ;)

If I had to pick a favourite comic series it would be a complete deadlock tie between Gotham City Sirens and Scott Pilgrim. SP was a present from my Boyfriend and they're getting completely dog-eared from the amount they've been read! At least twenty times each. GCS is a newer addition though I previously had a couple comics and now I own two of the graphic novels which I'm hoping to expand upon when I get paid. I also have a little bit of a soft spot for the Stephanie Brown Batgirl too.

Never Forget: Spidey Loves You! <3

Weekly Wishlist #005

This week I've been looking at things with a slightly 'darker' edge; so here's a couple pseudo-punk-goth pieces that I certainly wouldn't mind seeing in my wardrobe! I've got a feeling white dog hairs would somewhat ruin the effect though...

one - jumper // two - necklace // three - skirt

Haul: Lush Bits & Bobs

A few days ago myself and my mum took a trip up to Cribbs Causeway in Bristol to take a look around and have a bit of a potter, but mostly to have a look around the new (to me) Lush shop! I was far too excited about it, it's definitely one of my favourite shops and it's always a pain to travel all the way into the centre of Bristol every time I want to visit.  Combine that with the fact my parents gave me a £30 Lush voucher for my good results and I was there like a shot. Here's my purchases for a grand total of £31.50 and my initial thoughts;

Rehab Shampoo 100g // my hair is pretty dry at the moment due to having the dry it for work at 6am, even though I haven't bleached it in a fair while. This smells amazing and I know seaweed is important in loads of 'condition improving' hair products so fingers crossed this works! £4.95

American Cream Conditioner 250g // this smells so yummy! A combination of orange, vanilla and strawberry that will have me smelling my hair all day (er, if it would reach to my nose!). I use very little conditioner because my hair is so short so this will last me an absolute age, I'm hoping.  £8.50

Dirty Springwash Shower Gel 250g // shower gel is an essential for me; I'm really not a bath person so having something great-smelling for the shower is perfect. This Dirty shower gel is the best-smelling thing ever with a spearmint and menthol smell which are my two favourite scents. I hope the smell lasts all day. £8.50

Dirty Solid Perfume // my first ever re-purchase from Lush! I absolutely adore this scent and I completely used up my last stick in a little over six months. £4.50

Bubblegum Lip Scrub // nom nom nom. I'm going to have to restrain myself from eating this stuff by the potful, it's delicious. I've only used it a couple times and already my lips feel really soft and smooth. Around my cupid's bow I particularly have trouble with dryness due to my eczema but this seems to really help. £4.95

Shoe Picnic: Iron Fist Koi Samui Heels

Is it wrong that this week's shoe picnic is inspired by my hair? Having recently dyed it a pinky-orange I'm absolutely loving orange in any combination, and in the case of these heels they make a perfect contrast against the black, not to mention how cute are those koi carp? They seem like a perfect marriage of rockabilly and tattooed style in my opinion.

These cuties are from the brand Iron Fist, known for their alternative (and very high) heels that always have their own special brand of cute punk-goth style. One thing definitely in their advantage is if like me you are fairly wide across the foot they are nowhere near as narrow as other brands and 'mold' easily to accommodate. 

As far as these shoes go, if they were mine I would wear them with just about anything, provided I was suddenly blessed with great balance and poise. As it is I would probably fall straight on my face or snap a heel! But with the power of wishful thinking, if I had a pair of these heels I would most likely combine it with 50s dresses and black tights or if all else fails to dress up a fairly plain outfit of skinny jeans and one of Iron Fist's own tees.

Tooti Frooti what my dad called my hair the first time he saw it! Thanks dad. The other day I grabbed myself one of those 'ginger orange' hair dyes in boots (Feria, I think?) and decided to have a go of it on my hair. Instead of the glossy subdued deep orange-red I've ended up with bright flame orange with pink streaks; I love it! The picture doesn't do it justice (its much brighter in person) and I'll take some better ones soon when I'm not so busy to properly show it off.

Five Favourites: Makeup

Makeup isn't something I wear often, but when I do wear it I make the habit of going back to my favourite brands and tools. Over the years I've built up a mini-collection of occasional-use slap and there's some products I would definitely repurchase once they finally run out or go out of date. Here's my five favourites when it comes to makeup:

one: Dream Matte Mousse in Ivory; this has a great consistency and makes me look like a porcelain doll when I wear it! Because it sits more on the skin than liquid foundations I find it doesn't have such an effect on my eczema either.
two: Eye Bright from Benefit; I absolutely love this little stick, I use it right under the bottom lash line to make my eyes look bigger! I love just owning something from Benefit too, it's such an iconic brand.
three: Bourjois Ultra Curl in Black; In terms of mascara, I need fast drying and curl as opposed to length, both of which are due to wearing glasses. This mascara delivers both as well as having pretty packaging and being fairly cheap as far as mascara goes.
four: Model's Own eyeliner in Black; super super dark and dramatic, and stays on for just about forever. I love the little sharpener in the head too, it's just the right side of gimicky and makes up for the easy blunting of the pencil. The first MO product I've ever brought that isn't Polish.
five: 17 Hide & Chic in Ivory; really great for redness and also not irritating at all to my eczema, which is normally what it's being used to cover around my eyes. Also, I got it free with some nail polishes, which makes it just all-round great in my eyes.

White Straps & Brown Leather

I got my latest order in from Oasap, and every single time I'm always surprised with the quality of items I receive! Considering their price and everything. I love the brown pleather (vegan friendly!) of the main bag and though I'm pretty sure it's not Anna Sui I do really love the printed engraving style featured on the top flap of the bag, and the lock is adorable too. It seems really sturdy so I can see it getting a lot of use. The bracelet is adorable too if a wee bit small. So immediately I had to nip out and take some pretty photos of them as soon as the weather was nice enough;

Wearing my Heart on my Shoes

The lovely people over at Jokers' Masquerade contacted me a little while ago, offering to send me on of their many fancy dress costumes. Since it's nowhere near hallowe'en and I haven't got any fancy-dress-wearing events planned, I politely declined... until I spotted these cuties on the site! As well as costumes Jokers' Masquerade stock a wide variety of adorable shoes and boots that could pass for everyday as opposed to fancy dress and these Queen of Hearts shoes caught my eye as soon as I clicked through. These are really high quality with a lovely pleather-y finish and the hearts are adorable, I have to say.