Shoe Picnic: Ugg Hamric

When I think of Ugg as a brand, I think of those shapeless boots that have been everywhere on the high street the last few years; the ones you see girls walking on the side of because they don't keep their shape for longer than a couple hours and the sole ends up one side of their foot or the other. I understand they are really comfy, and that the 'proper' boots are meant to be better in terms of structure, but I'm not a fan.

However, looking at these new Hamric boots from Ugg I would in no way associate them with that clumsy footwear; they retain some of their chunkiness but there are stylish little elements such as the swooping rubber toe-cap and the little wood-effect section between the soles and shoe make for a really put-together looking boot that I would never associate with the less-than-elegant look of their previous shoes.

As these shoes are actually leather snow boots they would be perfect for the cold snap that's supposedly coming, and not just up the sides of mountains! with skinnies (and thermals under!) tucked in and a thick cosy coat on top you would be all set for this year's snowfall because there is nothing worse than sitting through a day at work/school/uni with wet socks.

A Gothic Halloween at Topshop

It's halloween tomorrow and though I'm not actually doing anything for the holiday, I'm loving the 'halloween' type gothic collections at Topshop at the moment. If you're into a dark look outside of halloween weekend these bits could work all year round - or all together if you're really dramatic! I particularly love the nail wraps, to add a bit of a halloween-y touch to your everyday clothes;

All New

These are the fruits of little little shopping spree the other day! I've had my eye on the vest-top for quite a while now but it never really seemed worth buying on it's own so when I paired it with these acid-wash skinnies in the New Look changing room I decided to finally grab it as a whole outfit. The cardigan was an afterthought that I really liked in the mirror but in these photos... I'm not so sure, I think it makes me look broader at the top and I'm not entirely loving the structured-ish shoulders, but maybe it's just because I'm not used to the style. What do you think of it? Keep or return?

vest top: new look / jeans: new look / cardigan: new look / bodycon vest: h&m
creepers: tuk c/o spartoo / nails: essie lilacism

Haul: Cabot Circus

I went to Cabot Circus solo last week with the vague idea of looking around and doing a little shopping.. well, quickly that turned into a shopping mission and I turned up at my dad's office looking for a lift laden down with far too many bags! In my defence all my christmas-present shopping is already done and under budget, not to mention it's payday soon. I also tried on an amazingly awful (good or bad I'm not too sure) pair of platform leopard print high-tops but they were about half a size too small, boo. Looking at these photos, I must have been in a little bit of a 'grey' mood when I bought these, don't you think? ;)

H&M bodycon dresses/long vests, £4 (sale) and £7.99

New Look Inspire Acid Wash Skinnies £24.99, Cardigan £17.99 and 'Cosmic' Tank £12.99

Project Social T via Topshop Ribcage Tee £22

Weekly Nails #4

I grabbed this polish in a 3-for-2 deal at Boots the other week on a spur-of-the-moment. I don't really do dark polishes - I tend to go for pastels or brights - so I thought it would make a nice change, and in fact the formula of this Stylenomics polish is far nicer than the other Essie nail polishes I own. I'm not sure if this is because it's a new collection and they've changed it slightly, or something to do with the pigmentation or something else. Either way it applies more smoothly and seems to stay glossy and intact for longer. The colour itself I wasn't too keen on at first; in the bottle under the (very) bright lights in the shop it was definitely a deep, foresty green but on the nail it definitely comes across as much darker, black from a distance. I still like it on my nails but the difference in colour between bottle and nail surprised me a little. You can pick it up in Boots as part of the new A/W collection for £7.99.

Weekly Wishlist #017

It's coming up to what I like to call the 'sparkle season'; sequins and glitter are everywhere in the winter, especially when it comes to party fashion and metallics are firmly in this year too. Though wearing these as one outfit might be a slight overkill these are all great as individual pieces and would make a great statement both out on the town, at a party or in the case of everything but the beautiful dress, dressing up a casual outfit to add a bit of sparkle to your day.

Product Review: Curvissa Leaf Print Tea Dress

This review will just be my opinions on the item. If you want my review of the service please read this post.
The second item I picked from the Curvissa site was the M.I.M Leaf Print Tea Dress, priced at £59. When I spotted it on the site I fell a little in love and put it down as my first choice like a shot. When I received it I was really excited too, The fabric is lovely and thick, luxurious feeling, and the pattern is vibrant and pretty. And then I tried it on.. oh dear, where's the waist? In the photo on the website the model's waist was clearly defined and on 5'9 me the waist appears to be practically below hip level. Maybe sizing down would have fixed the problem slightly but somehow I don't think so. After belting the waist with a cheap primark belt it looks a little better, but I'm not sold to be honest. It's a shame because I was so looking forward to wearing it and it just doesn't flatter me at all, even with the shapewear I have on in these snaps. Oh, and also I've included some closeups of my new shoes because they are too pretty to pass up!

dress: c/o curvissa / belt: primark / heels: hush puppies

Shoe Picnic: Miss L-Fire 'Orient'

I know Miss L-Fire as a brand that's largely favoured by those who are 50s/pinup fashion inclined, particularly in the online community they are lusted after. There's something very unique about the brand down to even the little details and though they are often compared to Irregular Choice in my opinion they are far more wearable for everyday as they are just that tiny bit more subtle.

These heels go by the name 'Orient', retailing at £89.99, and they definitely remind me of Asian fabric in their design; something about the tiny embroidered birds and the placing of the little blossoms just brings that up. The shape of the actual heel is lovely too without being too high, and I love the way the suede extends onto the heel to keep it a little uniform. The t-bar is unique in itself too and looks to be very flattering due to the wideness of the straps.

The rich black suede material of these shoes would make them perfect for cold winter's days when you have something a bit dressy to go to; particularly with a fur-lined coat and seamed stockings! Or failing that they would look equally lovely in a basic 50s-inspired jewel tone frock and black tights with a simple wept-up hairdo. How would you wear these cuties?

Review: Katy Perry Purr Perfume

When it comes to perfumes and scents, I'm not hugely diverse; usually what clinches a winner for me is a cute bottle and a smell that isn't too old lady/too much like those cheapo body sprays. When I spotted the Katy Perry 'Purr' perfume in Boots for half off I had a sniff of the tester and decided to grab it. According to perfume sites it smells of citrus and apple that then develops into a more floral smell and I'd say that's about right, it's very fresh but not too sharp at the outset and after a while becomes slightly musky and a pretty floral scent. I think it will become a firm favourite, and will look great sat with my Harajuku Doll perfumes.

Home Wants: Bedroom

This week in Home Wants I'm taking a closer focus at a specific item; the bed! In a bedroom it can really make or break the theme of a room or even entirely comprise of it if you're into minimalism; I would be, but the clutter keeps seeping in. In scouring the 'net, I found oldrid's bedding to be particularly inspiring for starting a theme with bedding from my favourite Cath Kidston, not to mention pretty, fresh looking furniture at pretty good prices. Here's some of the bigger (pretty!) bits and pieces I particularly liked;

all items from Oldrids and Downtown

Sales Scope: Dorothy Perkins

Dotty P's is one of those classic sites that I will always turn to for certain items; jeans, for example, I always buy from them because they have a great and affordable tall range and they are also wonderful for formal dresses that are a little longer and more modest than the likes of New Look or Topshop. Not to mention their amazing sales; recently I picked up a few bits from them with an extra 15% discount off of the already reduced prices. Here's my pick of their current sale;

taupe lace-up collar boots was £60 now £30 / raspberry print collar dress was £32 now £15
khaki slouchy biker jacket was £35 now £20

Autumn for Under £50

Hiya followers! Today I'm coming to you with my entry to the current Most Wanted campaign; Fall Fashion Finder. The goal is to make an Autumnal outfit for under £50 and I really enjoyed it actually, it's fun making cheap and chic outfits. You can enter yourself into a similar Pinterest contest too, if you're interested; enter here and you can win your whole 'look', so pick wisely. I chose to go with this sweet outfit with a deep green dress, a cuddly but fashionable jumper for over the top and this cute Lazy Oaf bag. The socks would look amazing with just a pair of pumps or flatforms too, so stick those on and you have a whole outfit ready to go.

bag / jumper / socks / dress

Weekly Wishlist #016

This week I'm going full-on lolita! I love the clothing (particularly the JSKs) within the Japanese Lolita genre, even if most of the 'branded' items are cringingly expensive, not to mention in absolutely teeny tiny sizes. Ah well, I can dream can't I? and in the meantime there's always eBay...

Midi to the Max

I picked up this simple jersey dress in the New Look sale for the grand price of something like £5 because the stripes don't quite match up at the waist. This can be easily remedied with a belt, though, and in combination with a cute cardigan (and skinnies in cold weather) it can make a pretty put-together but still super comfortable outfit. I'm loving that the midi-trend items are all in the sales at the moment, I find them far more flattering and make me feel less self-conscious than either minis or maxis. These converse also haven't left my feet recently; they're leather and I would call them my rain boots if it weren't for the fact someone decided to put two holes in each side of the shoe. 

dress: new look sale / cardigan: george at asda / belt: asos curve sale
jeggings: new look tall / shoes: grey leather converse c/o spartoo / nails: essie mojito madness

Shoe Picnic: Rocket Dog Blendz in Black

Rocket Dog is one of those brands I can remember coveting as an early teen; there were a few shops in the shopping centre that we would visit in Bristol that stocked them and I used to love looking through them whilst my mum would go shoe shopping - I can remember she was a fan of them too and I got these hand-me-down boots (similar to uggs but before they were cool!) that I wore until they fell apart.

These boots caught my eye because, well, sparkly! I love a bit of sparkle in everyday and going-out outfits, they add something a little bit special and can be a bit of a feature. The fact they are black meants they go with practically everything too. On another note, these styles of boot are normally fairly wide so they would fit my feet even with thick socks, fingers crossed, and still be comfortable to walk in. The laces also allow a lot more flexibility in terms of calf size too.

In style, these shoes are quire reminiscent of the Triumph 1914 Docs with a more punky/modern twist, with a similar interior and the ribbon laces too. These look a fair bit less heavy and cumbersome though, because as much as I love my Triumphs a day of walking in them is clunky and slow after a while. So, what do you guys think? What would you wear these with?

Organisation and Craft

I like stationary. And I love organising, so anything combining these two elements is brilliant in my book! So when I hopped on over to Viking Direct I was entirely expecting to be drooling over the useful labels, the folders and yes.. even a label maker (yes, I am that girl who likes to label everything for no good reason) but I was actually surprised. I ended up on the 'crafts' page and who knew you could buy bulk orders of that bark you get in kids' playgrounds and coloured 'art sand'? I'm particularly intrigued by the sand actually, what do you do with it? Is is like the 90s magic sand stuff that you sculpt or is it the stuff you pour in layers into bottles? Truly a mystery for the ages.

coloured art sand from viking direct uk

'Save the Nail'; Toughen Up Base Coat

I picked up this baby as a part of a 3-for-2 deal at Boots, with the vague idea of using it 'sometimes' when I put glitter on my nails, which results in me picking it off and thin, flakey nails underneath. However, I was so impressed with the product that I've been using it every time I paint my nails. This is about once every three days and I can see this base coat definitely being a repurchase when I'm done with it. The back of the packaging states that is contains 'silk powder and mineral complex' to make your nails strong and whilst my nails do feel strong they are always short so it doesn't matter too much. It does, however, make polish stick to your nails like glue and even gets rid of staining on nails as I've found from applying green polish without it. the base coat is by Nails Inc London and if you want to try it, grab it here for only  £7.50.

Nu-Wave Punk

This outfit post is following on from the previous review post with curvissa. These jeans look great with my cut-price fake converse, and I couldn't resist this top when I spotted it in Blue Banana. It's too cute, and I wear it at the very least every couple of days. As someone who enjoys animation and illustration the design really appeals to me too, and all the ladies look kick-ass if I do say so myself! These photos were the first taken on my new camera, a Nikon P510 which has a tiltable screen so of course my sister (the photographer) took some myspacey high angle shots too. These kind of clothes have been my uniform recently, between Work and Uni (both of which usually involve me leaving the house just after 6am) I lost my 'fashion mojo' a little. I'm trying to get back into clothes, bit by bit.

tank top: river island / top: disturbia / cardi: new look
jeans: c/o curvissa /shoes: new look sale / nails: 17 potion

Skincare Sunday: S&G Fab Pore Mask

These next few weeks I'm going to be taking a look at a few different Soap and Glory products (3 for 2? yes please!) that I've spotted in Boots. This week I'm reviewing the 'Fab Pore' mask, part of S&G's skincare range for clearer skin. I've never really tried 'pore minimising' products before but I thought this would help with my blackheads, not to mention I'm a sucker for cute packaging and in my opinion all Soap and Glory products get 10/10 for that! As for the mask itself, I didn't feel like there was a massive difference but my skin feels softer from the clay and I do feel fresh after using it in combination with other products. The beads didn't feel like they 'burst' particularly but when you've rubbed it in they definitely dissolve, though I'm not sure what they actually do really. Overall I'd give it a 7/10.

Review: Curvissa Early 20 Turn-Up Jeans

Hello ladies/the odd gentleman(?), I'm back with a new camera to take lots of lovely outfit photos! Today I have a review of the Early 20 Turn-Up Jeans courtesy of Curvissa. I intent to be entirely honest with this review and despite the fact the jeans were gifted to me the service itself I was quite disappointed with. The PR company who asked me to review a couple items intially contacted me June 29th and I immediately sent them back my choice picks, with a promise they would be with me soon. However, after a few months of no items arriving I contacted them again on September 11th and received half of the items today, October 13th. I don't know if this was mis-communication on the part of the PR company/curvissa but if I were a paying customer I would not be happy with a nearly four-month wait. But anyway, onto the jeans themselves;

I love these jeans, they are a great colour and the 'worn' look is a personal favourite of mine. The pockets at the front are also pretty unique and, well, pretty. They fall at a flattering length on me too and look great with flats of converse without being too revealing. One thing I will say though is to size up if not one then two sizes because this particular brand is very small in sizing. I can imagine if I lost a little weight or stretched these they would be worn a lot, as I like my cropped jeans with dresses and long tunics as well as tees. I would wholly recommend them for anyone! You can grab these here for the price of £38.