Barry M Confetti in Bubblegum

I picked this polish up on a whim after a day out shopping for shoes, clothes and beauty bits with the lovely Jess in Cwmbran  - my first time over the bridge in fact! Major mistake driving that far in Converse trainers with no socks though as the way back was pretty painful :p I saw this polish whilst I was out and about but only decided to grab it when I got back to Weston at the Boots across the road. The confetti polish itself is super transparent - other than the flecks - and definitely requires a base coat, so as I got a blue shade I went with Essie's Avenue Maintain underneath. Overall I really like the effect, and it lays fairly flat upon the nail which is better than a lot of 'effect' type polishes. What do you think of this latest effect from Barry M?

 photo 014_zpsc905de06.jpg photo 016_zpsa3f67efc.jpg photo 021_zps19257f71.jpg photo 025_zps142e2054.jpg photo 031_zps7db57c60.jpg photo 034_zps3879dc18.jpg


  1. Can't decide if I like that effect or not...from a distance they look a little furry! Loving that shade of Essie.


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