Deck The Halls

Yesterday was my work Christmas do, which was all the way out in Newbury - a good two hours from where I live - but I got to stay in a very fancy hotel/spa so I definitely can't complain. I had a couple outfit choices for the evening, but in the end I went with this pretty zip-front ruched dress from New Look that I think goes really well with my Rocket Dog flatties. Initially I was planning on wearing court shoes, wedges or heels - most of the other girls going did - but I'm glad I didn't as not only would I have been super uncomfortable after a couple hours I was still taller than most of them without. Ah well. I paired my dress with black tights (from ASOS curve which are great if you're on the taller side like me), my new flat shoes that were insanely comfortable and a grey waterfall cardigan from H&M just in case I got chilly and to break up the massive amount of black I ended up wearing. I'm not a huge party person and I've got to admit I was asleep in my fancy hotel room by midnight(!) but I did have a good time. Apologies for the crappy hotel-mirror/camera phone photos but I felt the outfit (and me actually wearing proper makeup) was worth documenting.

dress: new look / cardi: h&m / tights: asos curve / shoes: rocket dog c/o spartoo
nails: essie avenue maintain & barry m confetti nails in bubblegum


  1. Love this outfit, you look brilliant! x

  2. You look great. Completely odd thing-but I never think you look 'tall', actually the opposite : )

    1. Haha awww I'm not SUPER tall but I am 5'9 (and a half) whereas all the other girls at work at 5'6 or under pretty much I feel slightly like a giant ;) xx


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