Feeling Festive

We're on the final stretch up 'til Christmas now, I hope you've all been clever and nabbed your gifts already; there's nothing worse than scrabbling about on Christmas Eve for those last minute bits and pieces, which I've been guilty of in past years. My flat's feeling just the right level of festive at the moment; advent calendar and presents set out along with my adorable little tree that I nabbed from Paperchase last month. I loved the aqua blue shade, it's a little different and I think this little Turret guy matches pretty well on the top ;)


  1. That torrent is awesome as a tree topper. Although I'm wishing I had some sarky Glados comment to state here about it!

  2. Are you sure thats yoour Christmas tree? ;) Beautiful! Merry Christmas and great day with lots of gifts and Sweets. Prisha


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