It's Cold Outside

...which means it's perfect Parka weather! The lovely people at F&F Tesco offered me a 'winter warmers' piece to review and style and I opted (after much umming and ahhing, there's so many nice bits and pieces on their site at the moment) for this super cosy winter Parka, that even has shearling style lining at the top for extra protection against winter chill. I'm super super fussy when it comes to coats; I often have trouble with sleeves being too short, body being too short, shape being wrong... but even with all my Parka snobbishness this one's a great fit. It's not nipped in at the waist which, whilst not quite as flattering, is good if you plan to wear knitwear underneath and the polka dot lining on the bottom half of the coat is a really adorable, quirky little addition that makes the whole thing that bit more girly. And of course, I love the fact it has the proper 'fish tail' shape to the back of the coat. I can imagine this will get a lot of wear over the next few months.

Parka: c/o F&F Tesco / Dress: New Look / Jeans: New Look / Boots: New Look

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  1. I've never had a Parka coat. I'm not sure why, I've just always been convinced they wouldn't suit me.


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