A Week in Office OOTDs

When it comes to dressing for the office, I've got to be honest I'm pretty lazy! Sitting behind a desk and typing away every day doesn't inspire me to dress up (who is even going to see?) and as our office policy is pretty relaxed on dress code I tend to fall into the wear-the-same-outfit-every-day trap. In an effort to break my streak I made an effort to wear something different (bar a certain cardigan, ahem) every day last week and made myself accountable for it by posting a mini OOTD every day over on my instagram. So here's what I wore over the last working week;

monday; bank holiday!
tuesday; new look dress / h&m cardigan / very jeggings
wednesday; asos smock dress / h&m cardigan / new look leggings
thursday; new look top / new look via asos skirt / asos curve tights
friday; new look inspire top / new look longline tank / very jeggings


  1. Great post and some lovely wee dresses. Have followed and look forward to more office ootd posts


  2. I have the same dilemma, but I don't mind wearing the same thing every day because at least I can wear real clothes, unlike my coworker who must wear scrubs at all times. :-D I love your outfits, that cardi and the fox dress/tunic are amazing.

  3. Love all the foxes! I do sometimes lack inspiration when it comes to what to wear, but currently I'm partaking in Me Made May, which is all about weearing my me-made wardrobe so that's been a nice way to challenge myself to wear soemthing different.

  4. i want all of the foxes! :)


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