All in the Details: Kitchen

One of the things I love the most about living on my own is getting to pick my own interior design - I may have been still am on a shoestring budget but I love being able to pick out my own little bits and pieces. Particularly I love decking out my little kitchen; I'm a sucker for storage and cute cutlery and bakeware by the tonne! I know it's common to have a colour scheme for certain rooms in your house but if I have a colour scheme it's literally just colourful, from my fuschia washing bowl to my sky blue microwave and lime green toaster. Since my living space is quite small my kitchen reflects this and lots of bright, light colours make the most of the space and also make it a lot more interesting in my opinion. Does your kitchen have a colour scheme? Are you a fan of buying bits and pieces for your home?

microwave; swan via very

fruit bowl; original 70s pyrex thrifted from charity shop

scales; argos colour match / glass: b&m bargains

knives; ikea / scissors; asda / knife block; dunelm

cutlery; argos colour match / toaster; gift / cannisters; asda sale

washing up bowl; asda

princess glasses; b&m bargains / skull shot glasses; asda halloween sale

adventure time mug; gifted / cupcake mug; gifted

bread bin; dunelm / oven mitt; dunelm


  1. Love your knife block, wish I could get it in germany. I had a look into dunelm, what a great shop!


  2. love all your bright bits and bobs :) My kitchen is grim, I live in a rented house and the tiles are brown :( I've gone for cream kettle and toaster and added all my lovely pastel kitchenwear in to brighten the place up.

  3. i'm SO obsessed with homewares at the moment that I have been trying to ban myself from buying anything more until I have actually moved.

  4. Everything looks so pretty and colourful :) Love it!
    My kitchen is currently all different colour pastels. x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life


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