Chevron Stripes

Considering when the weather sites normally say it's going to be sunny it tends to chuck it down, the forecasts got it right for once! Saturday was a sunny, super-warm day for early May and I made the most of it with a strappy top and this lovely maxi skirt I was sent to review by Long Tall Sally from their new summer collection. Being 5'9 and a bit I'm pretty much considered the shortarse end of their scale and the skirt is a teensy bit on the long side - not to mention a bit big as I opted for the large over medium, which I'll be more wary of next time. Otherwise though the skirt is a lovely cool fabric for summer weather and though it was a little out of my comfort zone I enjoyed swishing about in a long skirt. I'm aware these aren't the most flattering photos but here they are, chubby arms and squishy shoulders out and all and I don't look all that bad ;) 

top: h&m / skirt: c/o long tall sally / converse: c/o spartoo


  1. this skirt makes you look extra tall and lovely :) looks really versatile too x


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