DIY Vanity Table

If you didn't know already, I live on my own in a poky studio flat - the only thing I can afford solo on a not-super-well-paid admin wage (post grad salary? pfft sure). Basically, the kitchen, living room and bedroom all make up one one smallish room with a bathroom separately and storage is the word of the day when it comes to keeping it from looking like a small bombsite as opposed to somewhere someone actually lives. I had a rearrange recently as my mirror was halfway behind my TV - making it a pain in the arse to use - so I moved around my comics and books to make space for it on the top of my shorter storage shelves. To pretty up the area a bit I moved my hairdryer over by the mirror and added this sweet tray I got from Dunelm for my birthday as well as a cheap storage jar from ASDA. Add my (not so small) collection of hair, face and body stuff and you end up with a little DIY vanity 'table'. How do you make use of small living spaces?


  1. I love posts like this! I'm moving out myself soon so it's great to see how others use their space :) loving the jar, I'm a sucker for glassware x

  2. I've started putting my makeup in acrylic drawers from Muji, it's really cleared up space on my dressing table top! Getting a bathroom wall mirror/cabinet also created much more storage in my tiny bath (well shower) room. Really I think I just need less stuff but I don;t think that's gonna happen!

  3. Looking good! I've got all my things in old shoe boxes in the bottom of my wardrobe and cupboard to free up space and declutter. Need to tackle my dressing table though x


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