Sammydress Varsity Red and Grey

As ever, I'm super sensible with my clothing choices. It's coming up to summer so what do I decide to pick to review from the lovely people at Sammydress but a warm A/W jacket. Try to find the sense there, I dare you. I opted for this fleecy varsity jacket on the basis that it's cute and also comes in an XL so I might be able to fit into it based on the measurements provided. Unfortunately, my second assumption was wrong and though the jacket does do up I look a bit like a sausage so I need to lose another stone or three for it to fit right ;) I know to opt for oversize in the future but otherwise the jacket seems well made and warm for colder weather.

shirt: h&m / jeans: river island / slippers: topshop / jacket: c/o sammydress

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  1. I love all things varsity, although I never think the style really suits me.


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