Sponsor Me?

Why would you sponsor Blargle Fargle? My blog has been running since November 2009 and since then has gained 350k+ pageviews and 650+ followers through GFC (accurate on Jan 24th) as well as 150+ followers through bloglovin' and 250+ twitter followers. On average monthly pageviews are around 10-11k+ per month, as well as this I have a current Google Page Rank score of 3. I primarily dabble in fashion, beauty, geekery and photography, particularly of the more alternative variety of fashion. This could mean a good level of exposure for your blog, brand, or store.

What do you accept? I accept most types of sponsor; blogs, brands, companies, you name it! But obviously I have to approve the contents of your site and I'm not likely to do so if I deem it inappropriate or, well, nothing to do with my blog.

What kind of sponsors are there? Several types. I do advertisements within my sidebar (see below) as well as sponsored posts, and I would also be happy to do reviews or to wear items of clothing sent to myself. It all depends on what you are looking for, don't hesitate to send me ideas.

How do I sponsor? email me at raivoloution@blarglefargle.com and either suggest a rate or ask me what I will charge for the service you want. I will get back in contact with you promptly from there and we can discuss what we both want and how to achieve it.